Back to the Church Saint Pierre of Questembert !

I went back into my beautiful dept 56 of Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne to tell you again about an off the beaten path town and the Church of St Peter’s of Questembert ! I have several posts on the town but these are all new pictures on a new visit and therefore, here is the story. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Questembert ch Saint Pierre belltower front sep22

Questembert ch Saint Pierre altar sep22

The St Peter’s or Saint Pierre, the church , how about it!  The construction of the Church Saint Pierre, began in 1863 and will not be completed until 33 years later with the construction of the bell-tower. It was built on the ruins of the old Saint Martin du Vertou Church. With its 55 meters high and its beautiful architectural lines, the bell tower has an exceptionally imposing allure; it must have been visible from the surrounding parishes. Inside, the choir has remarkable woodwork, a monumental high altar and an organ gallery.

Questembert ch Saint Pierre chapel ND de Lourdes confessionals sep22

Questembert ch Saint Pierre confessionals sep22

The church of Questembert, from the Middle Ages and dedicated to Abbot Saint Martin de Vertou, it measured about 30 meters long by 12 meters wide, almost half the size of the current church, consisting of two interior naves, that of the high altar and that of the Rosary. The French revolution had left it in an incredible state of disrepair. After the Concordat in 1802, a restoration had enabled it to regain normal functioning without more.

Questembert ch Saint Pierre chapel st pierre sep22

Questembert ch Saint Pierre chapel Virgin et Child jeanne d'arc sep22

On May 17, 1863, the blessing and the laying of the first stone took place. Placed in the ground, on the site of the current high altar, a stone in which are sealed, a medal of Mary Immaculate, another bearing the effigy of the Pope Pius IX and a coin with the effigy of the Emperor, the great church was opened for worship in March 1866, The old church was always known to be dedicated to Saint Martin de Vertou, Saint Pierre being the secondary protector. For the new, the priest decides to reverse the roles Saint Pierre dethrones Saint Martin.

Questembert ch Saint Pierre pulpit sep22

Questembert ch Saint Pierre organ back sep22

In June 1868 everything is in its place. In the niches of the bedside one notices Saint Martin de Vertou on the right and the statue of Saint Pierre on the left The work continues unabated, as and when financial possibilities arise: the Stations of the Cross and the restoration of the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Martin in 1869, the north sacristy in 1872, the south one in 1873, the pulpit in 1875 , The Virgin of Lourdes was installed in 1883, Christ on a south pillar of the nave in 1884, the interior plasterwork in 1886, the master altar in 1888, The pews on which we sit today were placed in 1892, as was the organ. As the rear facade of the Saint Pierre Church had been designed to accommodate two towers, it had to be modified to accommodate the tower in the middle and the gable was demolished up to the height of the first floor of the bell tower in 1895. Construction progressed rapidly and the May 2, 1896 laid the first course of the spire which was completed on August 7. On August 11, 1896 the cross was fixed at the top. It measures 2.50 meters in height, the tower 55 meters.

Questembert ch Saint Pierre side sep22

The Questembert Heritage on the St Pierre Church

The city of Questembert on the Church St Pierre:

The Rochefort en Terre tourist office on the St Peter’s Church of Questembert :

There you go folks, now I feel better to give credit to this wonderful town where we sejour several times and friends live there who we see often while in Vannes. Questembert is a small country town that is worth a detour for the Church Saint Pierre, the halle, and its many chapels (see posts). Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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