Curiosities of Malestroit !!

And I am finishing my road warrior latest trip to wonderful Malestroit in my beautiful Morbihan 56, and in my lovely Bretagne. Nice to be back, lots of memories, see my other posts on the town in my blog. I like to finish with some architecture and history to boot on the curiosities of Malestroit !! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Pont-Neuf bridge built in 1863 is a bridge with 3 arches and lower arc on the Oust river, Here you can walk along the quays and see and admire the magnificent Canal Nantes Brest that passes the town along the Oust river. 

Malestroit pont neuf bridge over oust river to ile ND sep22

Malestroit Oust river entr town sep22

The houses on the Rue du Général de Gaulle are wonderful such as the House of the Pelican from the 15C, Breton Gothic style; it owes its name to a high relief representing a pelican located on the corner post (the pelican is the symbol of Redemption); The La Truie qui file or sow who spins; 15C house in half-timbered with old stalls, presenting allegorical sculptures with two meanings: a hunter blowing a horn, a man beating his wife, a sow spinning her distaff, a threatening dog, a wolf’s mouth, a hare playing the bagpipe, The house at No 7 La Maison Le Moué 16C; and the house at no, 8. The second picture is more marvels of yesteryear on Rue Sainte Anne!


Malestroit rue sainte Anne old town wooden houses sep22

The Place du Bouffay is the nerve center of Malestroit. It is here and in its very close surroundings that the shops, bars and restaurants of the city are concentrated. From the terrace of one of them, you will observe the rich architecture of the buildings that surround you. Between the bourgeois dwellings, the half-timbered houses, the sculpted facades and the magnificent Saint-Gilles Church (see posts), you won’t know where to turn. See house no 13 Pl du Bouffay 2nd quarter of the 17C now créperie restaurant.

Malestroit Pl du Bouffay old town by church sep22

Right by the Place du Bouffay Malestroit hosts two markets per week, One on Thursday morning from 8h to 13h, and the 1st Thursday of each month is the monthly fair. The one we saw was the Saturday morning from 8h to 12h30 with stands on shellfish and fish, fruit and vegetables, cheeses, pancakes and bread two Saturdays a month.

Malestroit pl du Boufaay market day entr sep22

The city of Malestroit on its heritage

The local Broceliande Vacances tourist board on Malestroit and its heritage:

There you go folks, something different in my off the beaten path road warrior ways. This is a must for the nature lover, and those walkers, cyclists will enjoy it much. We have done some walks along the canal and its wonderful, worth the detour to the pearl of the Oust , and to see the curiosities of Malestroit !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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