Again by the Church Saint Bertin of Guillac !

I had written a post on this town and church, but needed to come back on my road warrior mode and passed by with new pictures, time for a new post on Guillac in  my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. This is deep Morbihan inland away from the coasts. We road warrior all over but still lots to be seen here! Let me show you a bit more of quant Guillac and the Church of Saint Bertin !

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower sep22

The town of Guillac is located in the north of Morbihan between Josselin and Ploërmel, about 58 km from my house, easy riding on the N24 expressway road,get off at its exit taking the D169 right into City center/downtown.

The parish Church of Saint Bertin was built between 16-17C, rebuilt in 1860. The Church, as you see today is from the end of the 16C, and originally included only one nave flanked, on each side of the choir, a chapel opening on the sanctuary by a third-point arcade. In 1860, it was added a choir, which gave it the plan of a Latin cross.

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower front sep22

During the construction of the Choir, the large glass roof, made up of 16 panels representing the Holy Family, St Bertin and the 12 apostles, was completely redone. In the north chapel, the stained glass window (1888) represents St Sosthène and St Hermine, and that at the top of the nave (1873), right side, represents St Louis and St Yves. All the other stained glass windows date from 1999. They symbolize the evangelization of all men of all nations. Above the altar of the Blessed Virgin, the painting “The Donation of the Rosary” is an oil on canvas dating of the 17C. You will see to the right of the Virgin and Child , the women including Anne of Austria and Saint Catherine of Siena, and to the left are the men, including Louis XIII and Saint Dominic.

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower right sep22

Currently, the bell tower of the church houses three bells. The big bell, of 1845 and weighing 780 kg, is called Françoise. Two other smaller bells ring la and do , they weigh respectively 340 kg and 220 kg, are named Bertine and Augustine.

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower left sep22

The town of Guillac on the Church Saint Bertin

The Morbihan tourist board on Guillac

There you go folks, again, another passing to these off the beaten path towns of my beautiful Morbihan always something to see and appreciate the architecture and history of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post on again the Church of Saint Bertin of Guillac !

And remembre, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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