The Church St Pierre of Beignon !

I was on my road warrior mode in the off the beaten paths of my beautiful Morbihan, dept 56 in my lovely Bretagne. The quantity as well as quality still amazes me after 19 years living in France and 22 as French! Let me go ahead and get right to the story ,hope you enjoy it as I. I came back to Beignon, and a second look at the Church St Pierre

The parish of Beignon exists from the 8C. The lordship of Beignon was probably given to the Bishop of Saint-Malo by the sires of Gaël, ancestors of the Lords of Montfort, so that the prelate would establish his summer residence (more precisely in Saint-Malo-de-Beignon -see post)). Other historians bring back this donation to the year 866 where reined the King of Brittany Solomon.

Beignon Ch St Pierre belltower front sep22

The St. Peter’s Church (église Saint Pierre)  burned in 1483, and was rebuilt in the 15-16C. It was covered in 1539. Ransacked during the French revolution, it was rebuilt or restored in the early 19C, I have the history and description in my earlier post so this one will be short and pictures new ; hope you enjoy them as I.

Beignon Ch St Pierre altar closeup sep22

Beignon Ch St Pierre back sep22

You will be able to admire its magnificent listed stained glass windows dating from the 16C representing the Tree of Jesse and the Life of St-Pierre as well as its sculpted sandpits of the framework. Heavy work and decoration in the 2nd quarter of the 16C: sand pits in the nave bearing the date 1539, canopy in the choir bearing the date 1540; work in 1689, for north gate; north sacristy built in 1717, works in the late 19C or early 20C were the south sacristy, and spire.

Beignon Ch St Pierre chapel right sep22

Beignon Ch St Pierre chapel Virgin Mary left sep22

Beignon Ch St Pierre tresor sep22

The City of Beignon , the Southern Gate of Broceliande tourist office on the Church

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on the St Peter’s Church:

There you go folks, another wonderful ride thru the nice off the beaten paths little towns of my beautiful Morbihan. We love the rides and if you bear with me ,you too can have an unique visit to unique places on the off the beaten path trails of my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and belle France. For now enjoy again the Church of St Pierre of Beignon !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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