The Church Saint-Jean-de-Brévelay of Saint Jean de Brévelay !!

In my road warrior mode and coming home I stop once again by Saint Jean de Brévelay in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne. I have decided to update the previous post with new text ,pictures including the inside this time. Another unique town ,off the beaten paths that needs to be known! Let me tell you a bit about Saint Jean Brévelay ,and its Church of Saint Jean Brévelay !!

St Jean Brevelay ch Saint Jean de brevelay front belltower sep22

The town of Saint-Jean-Brévelay, was a Saint  fleeing the Norman looters, the Bretons temporarily fled to England. Upon their return to Brittany, they reported relics of a Bishop of Exham and York, who died in 721 in Beverly, where he founded a monastery. They, then named their parish the name of the Saint, which gradually became Saint Jean Brévelay. In the middle ages, Saint Jean Brévelay was part of the Viscount of Rohan, divided into 20 lordships.  In the 18C, after 1797, the town embraced the Royal cause. During the Chouannerie (war of the west against the French revolution), it was noted the passage of Georges Cadoudal,(native of Auray see post)  Lieutenant General of the Chouans. Pierre Guillemot, called King of Bignan, one of the main chefs Chouans was also noticed passing here.

The territory of Saint-Jean-Brévelay is enclosed between the towns of Bignan, Colpo, Plaudren, Plumelec, Billio and Guéhenno. The town is about 26 km from my house, and 23 km from the capital, Vannes. We go there by the D16 and then the D115 after Colpo; also it can be reach by the expressway N24.

The Church Saint-Jean-de-Brévelay  was built  from the 15C to the 19C. Dedicated to Saint John of Beverley, an English Saint of the Medieval Kingdom of Northumbria Bishop of York who founded the monastery and the town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, died in 721 and canonized in 1037. The church is in the form of a Latin cross, with warhead windows. The Church of Saint-Jean-de-Brévelay gathers parts built in several eras such as the Romanesque gate dates from the 15C, the transept and the choir were reworked in the 17C, the Chapel of St. Joseph added in the 17C, the current nave was built in 1825, the porch bell tower was completed in 1879. A very colorful Altarpiece 1640, in stone and marble,  occupies the background of the choir, with a large painting of Pentecost in the center, surrounded by two statues, Saint Peter holding the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Saint John of Beverley in Bishop with a pig.

St Jean Brevelay ch Saint Jean de brevelay altar sep22

St Jean Brevelay ch Saint Jean de brevelay chapel baptismal font sep22

The Church Saint Jean de Brévelay replaces an older church. The south portal is Romanesque (11-12C). The transept and the choir, which date from the 16C, were modified in the 17C.In 1825, part of the church was restored and a new bell tower, bearing a statue of Saint John of Beverley, was also built. The altarpiece of the high altar of 1640 but restored in 1864 and 1980, in stone and marble. The altarpiece of the Holy Family, in stone and marble, dates from the 17C,  it is placed in the chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph.

St Jean Brevelay ch Saint Jean de brevelay altar right sep22

The Church Saint Jean de Brévelay has the shape of a Latin cross, with ogival windows. Inside, there are a few pillars supporting arcades, some pointed, others semi-circular. In the middle of the church, you could see a raised slab, which served to support the shrines, and which passed in the eyes of distracted tourists for the tomb of Saint John. The high altar has a Renaissance altarpiece; the side altars formerly dedicated to the Sainte-Famille,(Holy Family)  Notre-Dame de Pitié (Our Lady of Mercy) and Sainte Marguerite (Saint Margaret), are today dedicated to Sainte Anne (St Anne), Notre-Dame de Lourdes (Our Lady of Lourdes) and Saint Isidore. The tower, placed at the bottom of the church, is of recent construction and of ogival style.

St Jean Brevelay ch Saint Jean de brevelay back sep22

The city of Saint Jean de Brévelay on its heritage

The local Central Morbihan tourist office on St Jean de Brévelay

There you go folks, again, you will be glad in Saint Jean de Brévelay and its wonderful church. You owe it  to yourselves visiting my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne and see the Church Saint Jean de Brévelay !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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