The Church of Sainte Barbe of Moustoir Ac !

I like to tell you more on the Church of Sainte Barbe of Moustoir Ac. I have written before in my blog, but these are new pictures and figure should be in my blog as well, There is a nice story for us in Moustoir Ac because in a dairy farm here was when my dear late wife Martine chose and name our dog,Rex! Our lovable borador dog (mix border collier and labrador retriever) Love him dearly! The town of Moustoir-Ac is located on the granite heights of the Landes de Lanvaux. It has existed since 1387 when it separated from the former primitive parish of Plumelin. Of course ,this is in my beautiful Morbihan and my lovely Bretagne. The town is only 19 km from my house !

Moustoir AC ch Sainte Barbe front sep22

Moustoir AC ch Sainte Barbe side sep22

The Church of Sainte-Barbe (Santa Barbara) located in the village will be built in the first half of the 16C. The baptismal chapel dates from the 18C. The altarpiece for the main altar was erected in 1730. The bell tower was erected from 1774 to 1777. The two-story sacristy was built in 1838 as an extension of the choir. The tribune was built in 1852. A 626 kg bell was installed and blessed in 1853. The southern porch dates from 1873. The stained glass windows were installed in 1887. The central niche of the altarpiece has housed a large crucifix since 1904. The slate steeple was renovated in 1926. The main altar was consecrated on March 1, 1964.

Moustoir AC ch Sainte Barbe belltower sep22

One is interesting because it was the former chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes and now it is incorporated into the Library or Mediathéque of Moustoir Ac.

Moustoir AC chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes former now mediatheque front sep22

The city of Moustoir Ac on its heritage:

The local Central Morbihan area  tourist office oMoustoir Ac and its church :

There you go folks, another wonderful small town of the many beauties in my neck of the woods. Always something to see in my beautiful Morbihan, just need more time!!! Moustoir Ac is a hilly town and picturesque indeed worth the passing by indeed,  Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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