The Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Fosse of La Chapelle Neuve !!

And while re visiting some old stumping grounds of my road warrior mode, came finally upon a new town call La Chapelle Neuve or new chapel, very near me, This is another dot in my world map and nice trip, Let me tell you a bit on this town of less than 800 inhabitants in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France, Hope you enjoy the post as I. La Chapelle-Neuve is bounded to the north by Guénin, to the east by Plumelin, to the south by Pluvigner and to the west by Camors and Baud, It is about 13 km from my house !

The lords of Rohan built in their stronghold of Plumelin a new chapel: Notre-Dame-de-la-Fosse. At the end of the 16C, it was rebuilt by the Confrérie du Saint-Sacrement. In June 1867, the town separated from Plumelin and became a town in its own right, taking the name of La Chapelle-Neuve.

La Chapelle Neuve ch Notre Dame de la Fosse front sep22
Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Fosse was originally a trevial ​​chapel of Plumelin. It became in 1613 the seat of a brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament. It consists of a single nave begun around 1560, a polygonal chevet completed before 1600, a sacristy built in 1660 and a bell tower erected in 1700. You can see the Virgin and Child, a wooden statue dating of the 16C.

La Chapelle Neuve ch Notre Dame de la Fosse side front sep22

The original name of this 15C church was Notre-Dame de la Fontaine. It is an old chapel, built by the lords of Rohan towards the end of the 16C, it seems, with the exception of the tower-porch which dates from 1700. The church is rectangular in plan , finished with a polygonal choir, erected in the last quarter of the 16C. The door frames and the pinnacles of the buttresses are decorated with Renaissance motifs. A sundial, on the southern wall, bears the date of 1576. The framework with its beams with crocodile heads, its sandpits decorated with human figures, fleurons and foliage, is dated 1594 and 1595. A sacristy, built in 1660, blocked the central window of the choir. In 1700, the western porch was built, on which was erected a square tower, surmounted by a polygonal spire and flanked, to the north, by a staircase turret. The altarpiece of the high altar dates from the beginning of the 18C, The chapel of Notre-Dame de La Fosse, rebuilt in the 16C, has since been call La Chapelle-Neuve.

La Chapelle Neuve ch Notre Dame de la Fosse side sep22

Near the church, across the street there is a 3 meters high Fontaine Notre-Dame-de-la-Fosse fountain dating from 1698 and built of granite.

La Chapelle Neuve fontaine Notre Dame de la Fosse 17C sep22

The town of La Chapelle Neuve

The local Blavet Valley tourist office on La Chapelle Neuve

There you go folks, a nice small country town to rest and enjoy its architecture and history to be later able to see the inside of the church, eventually, For now enjoy this brief introduction to La Chapelle Neuve !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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