The Monastery Sainte Claire of Lavaur !

Let’s stay in wonderful quant Lavaur shall we ! Another off the beaten path monument worth the detour, me think, This is in beautiful cocagne and cathar countryside in the city of Lavaur ,the Tarn dept 81 in the Occitanie region of my belle France. And will tell you about a little known place that was here we passed by it and look up but never imagine the history of it.  Again not much written on it either, a real find. This is the Monastery Sainte-Claire of Lavaur !


In 1398, a community of Clarisses settled in Lavaur. In 1642 the Sainte-Claire monastery was founded, then in 1685, the Order of the Daughters of the Cross. The Monastery of the Clarisses founded by Sérène de Vézins, a Clarisse nun from the Salin monastery in Toulouse. Destroyed during the French revolution, it was repair and brought back in 1802. The current chapel c. 1837, has housed since 1852, in a shrine, the body of Sainte Clementine, Virgin and Roman martyr, discovered in a catacomb in Rome. A real story here : Having become the widow of the Count of Spanheim, she became a nun at the Benedictine abbey of Trier in the Rhineland, Blessed Clemence of Ohenberg distributed all her possessions to the poor and retired as a simple nun to the Abbey of Horrès in Trier where she died in 1176.


An off the beaten path real find hard to show info from the web so will just have to go by my the religious sites of my findings. The Monastery of Sainte Claire is by the Agout river and past the Esplanade de Plô (see post) at 1 rue Mairie.

The Monastical services of the Clarisses on the Mon Ste Claire of Lavaur

The Catholic parishes of Lavaur on the Mon Ste Claire of Lavaur

There you go folks, another nice story and great place worth the detour me think, It is in the last street bordering the Agout river ;  we came up with lots of nice sites such as this one to see. And as always, the best is on foot, enjoy Lavaur and the Monastery of Sainte Claire as we did,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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