The Church of Saint Mélaine of Plumelin !

Once again trying to revisit and see inside the several monument of my beautiful Morbihan and closer to home I take you back to Plumelin. The views on the roads are wonderful and all is very close to home. I like to tell you a bit more and especially new pictures in my blog on the Church of Saint Mélaine of Plumelin. For info, the town is only 16 km from my house, and 30 km from Vannes.

Plumelin ch Saint Mélaine front sep22

The town of Plumelin is located west of Locminé, and is bordered by Moustoir-Ac, La Chapelle-Neuve, Évellys and Moréac.  Again as it nice me think worth repeating, this town was one of the first houses we saw to buy in the area ; we saw a house built in 2010 just beautiful but very far from city center rather in the woods so we let it go!

Plumelin is an old parish, which dates back to the arrival of the Vikings in Brittany, dedicated to Saint Mélaine the bishop of Rennes in the 5C.  The Church of Saint Mélaine has a rotunda chapel to the south of the choir, rebuilt between 1744 and 1759. Its bell tower has the particularity of barely exceeding the roof and, to the south, is grafted a rotunda dating from the Renaissance. The confessionals date from the 18C. The altarpiece of the high altar, dates from 1740 (restored in 1896): two 15C statues, Saint Mélaine and Saint Quidy, surround a painting representing a Descent from the Cross.

Plumelin ch Saint Mélaine belltower sep22

The current Church Saint Mélaine dates from the end of the 15C or the beginning of the 16C. It has been restored and modified several times over the centuries: the nave was rebuilt in particular from 1744, which led to the demolition of the Saint-Yves and Trinity chapels. Saint Melaine, born near Redon, lived in the 6C and was attracted to monastic life at a very young age, before becoming bishop of Rennes.

Plumelin ch Saint Mélaine back sep22

The Halles Coët Village is a market done on Saturdays from 9h to 12h. This is a new district , nestled in the heart of the town, includes twelve apartments, from T2 to T5, including four reserved for seniors; a multipurpose room of 100 m2, made available to individuals and associations, a hall to accommodate markets, exhibitions and parties, but also a commercial center with three cells, available for rent. Very modern contrast big time with the old town, and across the street from the church above , sort of a dividing line of old and new.

Plumelin les halles de coet village sep22

The town of Plumelin:

The local Central Morbihan tourist office on Plumelin 

There you go folks, another beauty in my neck of the woods. Always something to see in my beautiful Morbihan, just need more time!!! The intriguing part is that I still need to get inside as each time is close, so to continue,,,,Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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