The Château de Bienassis of Erquy !

In my road warrior mode in my lovely Bretagne went north to the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 and saw some new wonders of my belle France. I had no time to go into city center Erquy and went by the Château de Bienassis, which was closed due to unusual hours as it is a private property. Nevertheless, will have an introduction now for a future closer look, worth the detour me think.

Erquy chateau bienassis front afar sep22

The town of Erquy occupies the bottom of a cove on the coast of Penthièvre between Cap d’Erquy, a natural site and the Pointe de La Houssaye, made up of the remains of a volcanic eruption. The port of Erquy, home to a flotilla of around 80 trawlers, is known as the capital” of scallops, fished in the bay of Saint-Brieuc. Cap d’Erquy, less known than its neighbor Cap Fréhel, offers beautiful landscapes and an exceptional view of the bay of Saint-Brieuc. This cape is located between two beaches: the cove of Port-Blanc, with its lifeboat shelter used in the 1960s and the east beach of Lourtuais Le Grand-Pourier.

However, I came to see the castle but has very defined hours so it was closed (privately own), nevertheless it is worth the detour and we will be back for the inside eventually, The Château de Bienassis (15-17C) was initially a 12C manor surrounded by a moat owned by the La Motte family ,It was occupied by the troops of the Duke of Mercœur during the League Wars at the end of the 16C, partly destroyed and rebuilt from 1620 passed to several families and Confiscated during the French revolution, it was used as a prison In 1796, it was later bought by General Jean Valletaux, French general of the French revolution, then General of the Empire and deputy of Côtes-du- Nord (old name of Côtes d’Armor). In 1880, the Le Pomellec family, of his descendants, sold it to Admiral Jules de Kerjégu, a great navigator. He settled there after having participated in all the great campaigns of his century: expeditions to Mexico, Crimea, China and Cochinchina. In the 21st century, it is still owned by the Kerjégu family.

Erquy chateau bienassis front closeup sep22

The Château de Bienassis is a very complete set of stately homes. Access is via a bridge which succeeded the drawbridge over the moat surrounding the platforms on which the dwelling is confined with towers at the corners. A medieval part has a semi-outwork stair tower in one corner and an out-of-work tower in the other corner. The Renaissance part extends the old part to the west and houses a monumental two-flight staircase and a large living room on the ground floor. The fireplaces and staircases are from the 15C and 17C. A crenellated wall is the only remnant of the 15C enclosure. The corner towers and turrets of the wall were added in the 17C, when the castle was rebuilt. The castle is open to visitors: the furnished ground floor, the large living room, the guard room, the dining room (where you can admire porcelain from China, Japan and Bayeux, furniture from Louis XIV and Breton Renaissance style), the kitchen, the chapel, testify to a living house as well as its large avenue into the park, its wide moats, its ramparts, its main courtyard, its French garden, its vegetable garden and its forest park. Indeed looks nice worth the return.

Erquy chateau bienassis front castle to park sep22

The official Château de Bienassis

The town of Erquy on Bienassis castle

The Cap d’Erquy tourist office on Erquy :

There you go folks, a dandy road warrior ride into magical Côtes d’Armor in my lovely Bretagne. The Bienassis castle and Erquy are worth the return visit, eventually. Hope you have enjoy the post and the find!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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