Curiosities of Pléneuf-Val-André !!

There you go folks, on my road warrior ways again of my lovely Bretagne! I was going into new towns, new finds, and all beautiful! This town sure merits a return as soon as possible; lively ambiance, great beach, and nice monuments to see; what my belle France is all about! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The town of Pléneuf-Val-André is located in the Côtes-d’Armor department 22 in my lovely Bretagne region. It is known as a family seaside resort, located on the east coast of the bay of Saint-Brieuc, known as the “Côte de Penthièvre”. 25 km east of Saint-Brieuc and 13 km north of Lamballe. This is our first time here and it was magical, we will be back !!

Pléneuf Val André

In its seafront there are two marinas, Dahouët and port of Piégu, several beaches such as the large beach of Val-André or Grève de Saint-Symphorien and the rocky coast including to the west, the Pointe de la Guette, rocky coast sheltering the port of Dahouët and two small beaches; in the north, the Verdelet, an islet ;pebble fallen from the shoe of Gargantua says the legend, more concretely an island accessible at low tide of the important tides by his tombolo; shore fishing possible in the rocks at the base of the main rock which constitutes the ornithological reserve Edmond Tranin, the Pointe de Pléneuf, including the cliff of Château-Tanguy culminating at 72 meters, which extends the Verdelet; it leads to a small belvedere, facing the islet of Verdelet. a vast beach extending to Erquy and divided into several beaches such as the plage des Nantois , and the plage des Vallées, the most usually frequented.

Pléneuf Val André pointe de pléneuf house quai celestin bougle sep22

Pléneuf Val André

In the Middle Ages, the Verdelet was a place of worship, an ecclesia under the jurisdiction of the bishops of Saint-Brieuc, then a monastic establishment was built there: a church dedicated to Saint-Michel, like the islet of the same name in Erquy ; both by proximity to Mont-Saint-Michel. According to two charters from 1132 and 1216, its name was Saint-Michel de la Roche-Tanguy: again in 1284, a cleric from La Roche-Tanguy was appointed by the bishop, rector of the parish of Saint -Martin de Lamballe, the Verdelet dependent on the priory of this parish , During the French revolution, the Verdelet became part of the town of Pléneuf,since August 28, 1792.

Pléneuf Val André ilôt de Verdelet sep22

A first casino had been created in 1883 in an annex of the Hôtel de la Plage (Hotel du Casino). It was on April 22, 1934 that the Val-André casino, the Rotonde, opened on the seawall-promenade and also offered games rooms, a dance floor and a restaurant-bar. Its building is intertwined with that of a cinema. Tennis has played a role for several decades in the attractiveness of the resort Val-André has regularly hosted and still hosts tournaments on the ten courts of the Parc de l’Amirauté and the two indoor tennis courts the Pont-Gagnoux Sports Complex. The Pléneuf-Val-André golf course is an 18-hole course located in an exceptional natural setting (it is ranked among the most beautiful in Europe according to the Peugeot Golf Magazine U.S. guide), along the plage des Vallées beach.

Pléneuf Val André casino front la rotonde sep22

Pléneuf Val André Casino front beach val andre sep22

Pléneuf Val André parc de l'amiraute front sep22

The cairn of Ville-Pichard is located at a place called Ville-Pichard in the north of the town, The dolmenic cairn, now barely visible under the vegetation, was originally an elliptical monument quite imposing: 10 meters wide for the north-south axis and 25 meters long for the east-west axis, about 5 meters high. The port of Dahouët contributed much to the prosperity of Pléneuf; it currently participates with its heritage, its few shops and its port capacities in the tourist attraction of the town, The Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde is the guardian of this port; it is a large statue of the Virgin which is located on the path of the customs officers. The coastal footpath allows you to reach plage de Val-André beach (see post) in less than half an hour on a very pleasant route.

Pléneuf Val André boat bassin by port de Dahouet sep22

The Manoir de Vauclair: dating from the first part of the 16C, it underwent alterations in the 19C with the bakehouse,is more surely from the 18C, when the dovecote with four towers disappeared. The Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, parish church built between 1889 and 1897. Presbytery, construction of 1767, enlarged in 1833, in the garden, a redentée cross from the 15C, bearing a carved decoration in half-relief. There is a wonderful Centre Nautique where all kinds of water sports can be practice and right on near city center and the lake La Flora.

Pléneuf Val André centre nautique front sep22

Pléneuf Val André

The town of Pléneuf Val André on things to see/do

The local Cap d’Erguy Valandre tourist office on Pléneuf Val André

There you go folks, a myriads of wondertul things to see and do at Pléneuf Val André, a very nice place to visit for longer time and we are planning just that eventually. Hope you enjoy the curiosities of Pléneuf Val André as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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