Wine fair of Baud !!!

Well, if you have read my blog you know my other hobby is wines in general. I am always seeking opportunities to visit the properties, stores, and of course the wonderful wine fairs of my belle France. In this opportunity my oldest son gave me a flyer about a wine fair in Baud a city only 11 km from home ! We know the town well, and why not visit their 3rd wine fair of Baud!!!

On Baud, I have written previously in my blog so will skip the town’s history and monuments, see posts. I found me a wonderful store closer to home than to go to Vannes. This is the Eclat de Vigne at Impasse des Pépinierès, (Z.A. de Kermestre), off the road D768 going north of Brittany which we take zillions of times. They ,also,have a store in nearby Locminé as well. The owner greet us and was very nice as was the staff, and I believe I found me another store to buy wines. Of course, this is a caviste or cellarmaster and they do wines .

Baud salon de vins eclats de vigne store front sep22

Baud salon de vins eclats de vigne store sep22

We took advantage as I had planned to go that way into north Brittany in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 area and needed to pass by it. I did the roundtrip of Baud, Plénuef Val André, Erquy, and Lamballe ,of these more later in my blog. We got to the wine fair early by 11h.

The 3rd Wine Fair of Baud was especially in that the system was different. Usually in these wine fair you go to the producer’s stand taste, buy and pay your wines. You can take with you or pick up at the end. In the Baud wine fair, you went to the producer’s stand, tasted your wines chose it in a sales form and at the end came to a stand gave your form, pay, and they collect the wines for you and take it to your car! Nice!

Baud salon de vins eclats de vigne foods sep22

Baud salon de vins eclats de vigne tastings 2 sep22

Baud salon de vins eclats de vigne wine prod tastings sep22

The wine cellar store Eclats de Vigne has been opened since 2005! Starting in Locminé, and in 2019 in Baud. For this year’s wine fair they had 25 winemakers present, during the 3 days of the fair they came from Bordeaux, Val de Loire, Vallée du Rhône, Sud-Ouest, Alsace, Provence and Italy! It was nice and for the thank you and the encounter and the find we took 24 bottles.  

The Eclats de Vigne store

Their Facebook page has more on the wine fair

There you go folks, a nice outing near home and worth the time. To say the least, we like the ambiance, the store, and the personnel so therefore, we will be back for buying more wine here in the future. The Eclats de Vigne of Baud was a nice find! Hope you enjoy the post as I; and En Vino Veritas for all!

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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