This is Brandérion, near me !

And here I am again in my new life of retiree, doing short trips on the road warrior mode and finding new places not yet visited. There is so much to see, I am overwhelmed  by the quality even in smallist towns. I like to show in my blog a new town in my world map; this is Brandérion near me !

The town of Brandérion is a novelty as we passed by it almost every week, and finally got the urge to come into town, It is of course in the beautiful Morbihan, in the country of Lorient, in the lovely region of Bretagne.

Brandérion is located 14 km from Lorient and 36 km from Vannes, as well as 16 km from my house ! The town is located at the crossroads of the two main roads in southern Brittany, National Route 24 ( N24 Rennes-Lorient) and the National Route 165-E60 ( N165 Brest -Quimper-Nantes). There is a train station that I have never even passed by it and it is open since 1925, today is a “free access stop” for TER Bretagne traveling the Vannes-Lorient line, The historical anecdote is that in June 1795, several battalions of royalists (Chouans) retreated to Brandérion.

There is a nice Sainte-Anne Chapel done and renovated in the 9C, 12C, 14C, and 15C. The Sainte-Anne Chapel is in city center Brandérion. Today is mostly a small 14C chapel with a choir with a flat apse, and a smaller chapel inside. On each side of the nave, engaged, square and massive pillars seem to wait for the arcades. The single chapel communicates with the nave by two third-point arcades resting in the middle on a cylindrical column and on each side on engaged polygonal pillars. Small, very splayed radiating windows illuminate the nave. The style of the choir is flamboyant.

Branderion chapelle Sainte Anne side road jul22
Branderion chapelle Sainte Anne nave to altar jul22

Branderion chapelle Sainte Anne altar to back wall jul22

They have a nice Parish Church of Saint-Pierre ,done in Gothic style from 1879. Bell tower rebuilt after WWII. Initially had renovations done in 1656, and was rebuilt in 1879, in the shape of a Latin cross, The church is at Rue Vincent Renaud or road D158.

Branderion ch Saint-Pierre front jul22

Branderion ch Saint-Pierre side belltower jul22

The City/Town Hall is the former presbytery, It is a 17C two-story house with a kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms and a study. An attic is used by the rector to store his grain reserves and he had a cellar where he can store barrels of cider. A porch adjoins the house which overlooks the courtyard where there was a stable with its hay loft and a log cabin. Nice.

Branderion mairie city hall jul22

The city of Brandérion on its history/heritage

The Lorient South Brittany local tourist office on Brandérion

There you go folks, another dandy small spot in my beautiful Morbihan! Never cease to amaze me of the beauties found here, and now the tourists are coming back! This is Brandérion and near me !! yes something to be back to ,eventually. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Very nice place ! Diana

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