This is Kervignac near me !

And here I am again in my new life of retiree, doing short trips on the road warrior mode and finding new places not yet visited. There is so much to see, I am overwhelmed  by the quality even in smallist towns. I like to show in my blog a new town in my world map; this is Kervignac near me !

The town of Kervignac is located in my beautiful department of Morbihan 56 in the lovely region of Bretagne. This town is known for facts related to the revolt of the Bonnets rouges ( Red Caps) in 1675 against high taxes by the king,

The town constitutes part of the Blavet Bellevue Ocean Community, with Merlevenez, Nostang, Plouhinec and Sainte-Hélène. The town of Kervignac is 43 km from Vannes,and is the center of a territory, which is bounded by the towns of Languidic , Hennebont, the Blavet river, Merlevenez, Nostang and Brandérion. It is 20 km from my house !

The Church of Saint-Peter and Saint-Paul of Kervignac, dates from the 19C, having been destroyed in the battles for the liberation of the pocket of Lorient in WWII, it was decided after the war to rebuild it, and was done between 1956 and 1958. This new church is dedicated to Notre-Dame-de-Pitié, The church is built according to a Greek cross layout, A monumental porch, containing the statues of the apostles, marks the facade.

Kervignac ch Notre Dame de Pitié front jul22
The old Church of Saint-Peter and Saint-Paul was already facing damages since 1760, and threatened ruin, was prohibited by the ordinary worship then moved to the Notre-Dame de Pitié Chapel, begun in 1553, which stood in the cemetery. This chapel was a beautiful Renaissance building. In 1929, it was transformed into a parish Church.  The large square tower with an openwork gallery, flanked by two turrets of polygonal stairs, which was its most beautiful ornament, was then preserved intact. The spire which surmounted the tower, demolished by lightning in 1833, had been rebuilt on the same model. It had also preserved the porch of the chapel, built like the tower around 1560, where you will noticed a mixture of flamboyant ornamentation and Renaissance motifs. The stained glass windows of the current Church Notre Dame de Pitié ,date from 1958, The church is recognizable by its bell tower topped with an openwork spire. Its glass slab windows make up a remarkable frieze. Twelve wooden statues representing the apostles adorn the entrance porch. Inside the church is a piéta in waxed wood dating from 1962.

The town of Kervignac on its history/heritage

I stopped briefly by the jardin du hameau de Lopriac a beautiful garden but was loaded with folks that could not even get my car in the parking!!  Noted to be back. In the meantime, let me tell you a bit of its history from their webpage, It all started in the spring of 2010 after the acquisition of this 17C building converted into a dwelling house. Passionate about nature, culture, the environment and beautiful gardens, without horticultural or landscape training, it is without outside help, by feeling, by heart and always with this bit of madness that guides the owners to create on 2300 m2 “The garden of the hamlet of Lopriac” Over the years, our plant inventory (in progress) has continued to expand, to date it has nearly 7,000 varieties… Trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and spontaneous seedlings make up scenes that change with each season. Endemic, exotic or collectible, ancient, forgotten or novelty we exchange, barter, share, buy, not only plants but favorites, Open to the public since 2012, member of the parks and gardens of Brittany since 2015.

Kervignac Le jardin du hameau, Lopriac entr jul22

The official Garden of the village of Lopriac

The Lorient South Brittany local tourist office on the garden

There you go folks, another dandy small spot in my beautiful Morbihan! Never cease to amaze me of the beauties found here, and now the tourists are coming back! This is Kervignac and near me !! yes something to be back to ,eventually. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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