The Chapelle Sainte Anne of Ploemeur !

So my road warrior tours in my beautiful Morbihan and many nice memories brought me back to Ploemeur. I have several posts on it in my blog, however, this is a first a find again ! This will be my first introduction to you of the Chapelle Sainte Anne not far from the main church (see post)  The pictures are new as well of course from today for this wonderful monument in city center, merits a post of its own. Hope you enjoy this latest post on Ploemeur as I

Again, Ploemeur is a town on the Atlantic coast bordering four cities: Lorient, Larmor-Plage, Guidel and Quéven. (see posts) It has 17 km of coastline! On this range there are several beaches, without counting several coves. The way to the sea is a 13 km circuit linking the center of Ploemeur to the seaside.

The Chapelle Sainte Anne was built between 1528 and 1537 on land dependent on the lordship of Ter, where it is currently located. Very simple, rectangular in shape with 16 meters by 6.50 meters, it is made of granite. Its western facade has a pointed arch door surmounted by a superb steeple. From the beginning of the 20C, there were no longer mass celebrations in the chapel. The City Council voted on October 11, 1925 to demolish it. On March 21 and 22, 1941, the bombings caused great damage to it. That same year, on December 20, its transfer to Kerroch was considered. The project was never carried out. In 1942, after the fire of the Saint-Pierre Church,(see post) triggered by the bombings of February 16, 1943, it was restored.

Ploemeur chapelle ste Anne front jun22
The Chapelle Sainte Anne is closed until further notice but reading the brochures and books I have can tell the inside has statues of Saint Anne (18C) and Saint Colomban (19C), the altarpiece of the high altar, the education of the Virgin or a painting from the 19C. Also to be seen in the chapel, the statue of Saint Ninnoc, patroness of Ploemeur.

Ploemeur chapelle ste Anne back side jun22

The city of Ploemeur on the Chapel

The city of Ploemeur on other things to see

There you go folks, a dandy in Ploemeur, and one of the nice heritage monument found all over the town and nearby villages The Chapelle Sainte Anne is worth the detour and should be fantastic once open again

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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