The plage d l’anse du stole of Ploemeur !

So my road warrior tours in my beautiful Morbihan and many nice memories brought me back to Ploemeur. I have several posts on it in my blog on the town and its beaches. However, today, I saw a new one ,yes we have plenty one for more than a year visiting every day!! This one is new the plage de l’Anse du Stole in the village of Lomener, district of the city of Ploemeur. This beach is only 42 km (about 26 miles) from my house. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Ploemeur plage de l'anse du stole beach right jun22

Ploemeur is a town on the Atlantic coast bordering four cities: Lorient, Larmor-Plage, Guidel and Quéven. (see posts) It has 17 km of coastline! On this range there are several beaches, without counting several coves. The way to the sea is a 13 km circuit linking the center of Ploemeur to the seaside.

The plage de l’Anse du Stole in the village of  Lomener is 600 meters long and more youth activities, even if I saw older folks there today. The white sand beach is very nice indeed worth a detour or retour !

Ploemeur plage de l'anse du stole beach left jun22

The village of Lomener,is a former sardine fishing port. This small bay beach, is made up of fine sand. It is exposed to swells from the southern sector coming from the Atlantic. This site is very easy to access, especially for people with disabilities. Like the neighboring beaches, the sand of Anse du Stole beach is fine and white. It is largely from the Kaolins, located further inland. Concave in shape, rounded inwards and with an intermediate beach profile, i.e. the slope of the beach is neither too gentle nor too steep, Anse du Stole beach has all the characteristics of a a classic Morbihan bay beach , Due to its geographical location, westerly swells cannot reach it. In turbulent times, it is not uncommon to see the swell crashing on the main breakwater of the port, very popular with photographers and journalists to illustrate articles on storms. Today, the port of Lomener is mainly dedicated to yachting and can also allow you to reach the island of Groix during the summer season.

Ploemeur plage de l'anse du stole beach boats jun22

The city of Ploemeur on the beach

The Lorient south Brittany tourist board on the beaches of Ploemeur:

My fav beach site plages tv on the Stole beach in Lomener-Ploemeur:

there you go folks, a nice beach of Ploemeur for a day or weekend soaking on the nice Breton sunshine and great bounties of the sea on site! Not to mention the nice pure air walks along the ocean, always nice. The Anse du Stole beach is a dandy very nice white sand beach, and long ! Hope you enjoy the latest visit to a beach of Ploemeur by yours truly, the road warrior.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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