The Church St Pierre , and more of Ploemeur !

So my road warrior tours in my beautiful Morbihan and many nice memories brought me back to Ploemeur. I have several posts on it in my blog, and also on the Church St Pierre. This is a much shorter posts as the text on history is on the other post ,just given you more pictures from today on this wonderful monument in city center, of course. Hope you enjoy this latest post on Ploemeur as I

Ploemeur is a town on the Atlantic coast bordering four cities: Lorient, Larmor-Plage, Guidel and Quéven. (see posts) It has 17 km of coastline! On this range there are several beaches, without counting several coves. The way to the sea is a 13 km circuit linking the center of Ploemeur to the seaside. And of course a nice church

The Church of St. Pierre (St Peter) from 1037, renovated in the 13C, 16C, and again in the 18C. It is also, known as the Church of St Peter of the Links (or Liens)  . It comprises a nave of seven bays with aisles and a flat bedside choir. Between the nave and the choir, the triumphal arch, redone in third-point in the 16C, is supported by columns from the 11C to capitals decorated with windings, leaves and animals

Ploemeur ch St Pierre side main entr jun22

Ploemeur ch St Pierre front jun22

Ploemeur ch St Pierre nave to altar jun22

Ploemeur ch St Pierre back wall jun22

The city of Ploemeur on St Peter’s Church

The parish of Ploemeur on St Peter’s Church

As this was already in my blog, will add here two spots very dear to us which we have come again and again, as the first time was with my dear late wife Martine, memories forever !!!

As said , we came here thinking of doing a paella , and what better way than to buy fresh ingredients from a coastal town on a reputable fish shop that everybody there seems to know each other!  This we did our fish whiting, shrimps, scallops, and clams!!! loaded home and it was sublime, of course , it was repeated several times ,but this time they were closed for vacation! The first store was  Aux  Délices de l’Océan ! The official webpage:

Ploemeur pl de l'eglise aux delices de l'ocean fish market store jun22

And again to complement, a bit over 50 meters from the fish store , we came to the another delicacy we cannot be without the chocolates so we shopped at Les Délices d’Anvers , stores at several places and known to us of very good Belgian chocolates (Anvers is the French way for Antwerpen, the Flemish). My dear late wife Martine loaded up here on our first visit and we have return again The typical 500 grams box and  sweet dry fruits;  delicious  as always The official webpage see Ploemeur: 

Ploemeur pl de l'eglise delices d'anvers chocolats store jun22

There you go folks, another memorable visit to Ploemeur, by the Morbihan coast of many nice moments in my life The monument and stores above are a delight to visit, worth a detour Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!

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