The Church Saint-Melaine of Moëlan sur Mer !

This is a repeat visit as I was on my road warrior route in the Finistére dept 29 and passed by here again. Never enough time to see the beauties of my lovely Bretagne, so I stop again and went in. You can read my previous posts on it in my blog so will cut the text short, just to add the new pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The parish Church Saint-Melaine,  built in 1876-1878 on the site of a former oratory destroyed in the 9C, and of an ancient churches restored in 1599. This church is in Moëlan sur Mer ,less than an hour from my house by car !

Moelan sur mer ch Saint-Melaine entr jun22

The Church St Melaine, which was consecrated in June 1879, comprises a nave of five bays with aisles, a transept and a choir consisting of two straight spans with aisles and a three-span roundabout surrounded by a carole on which three chapels radiates from. The Bell Tower is without a gallery. The Church of St Melaine houses the statues of Saint John the Baptist, Saint Melaine and Saint Corentin.

Moelan sur mer ch Saint-Melaine back chevet calvary jun22

It comprises a chancel formed by two straight bays with aisles. The bell tower is without a gallery. It is impressive outside even if inside looks smaller, the church is surrounded by plenty of shops/restos and from here is an easy jump to Clohars-Carnoët (see posts) on the road D24. It is in dept 29 Finistére and less than an hour from my house ! The road D116/D16 takes you to the bigger town of Quimperlé (see posts) and into the freeway N165. Lovely ride indeed

Moelan sur mer ch Saint-Melaine nave to altar jun22

Moelan sur mer ch Saint-Melaine chapel sacre heart jun22

Moelan sur mer ch Saint-Melaine chapel st joseph jun22

Moelan sur mer ch Saint-Melaine chapel virgin et child jun22

The city of Moëlan sur Mer on it’s heritage:

The local Quimperle-Terre oceane tourist office on things to see in Moëlan sur Mer:

There you go folks, another wonderful visit to nice Moëlan sur Mer. A nice encounter with Saint Melaine Church for the memories of family visits. Just love it: again indeed lucky to be here, and you are welcome to come and let me know ok.Another dandy in the Finistére.

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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