The Church St Pierre of Riec sur Bélon, part II !

Again, still on my road warrior mode, went back to a familiar place that we love and enjoy it. I decided to come back to  Riec sur Bélon ! I have written before on the town and its church so will cut short the intro on the Church St Pierre or St Peter for this new post with new pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Riec sur belon ch Saint-Pierre belltower front jun22

To begin, the town of Riec sur Bélon is in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne. It is located at 12 km from Quimperlé, 17 km from Concarneau, 27 km from Lorient and 35 km from Quimper. And 60 km (about 37 miles)  from my house!

Riec sur belon ch Saint-Pierre entr jun22

The Church St Pierre has a Gothic bell tower, a nave of five bays with side aisles, a transept and a choir. The layout is in the shape of a papal cross. The bell tower with its beautiful Gothic spire, is flanked by a turret of canted staircase giving access to the chamber of the bells. The church was rebuilt in 1872-1873,and part of the materials from the old 15-16C bell tower were reused. The choir and the nave were built in 1771 on the site of a religious sanctuary mentioned in a parish act in 1510. The western facade, the bell tower and two bays of the nave date from 1875 and respect the style of previous constructions. Inside is a polychrome oak wood pieta and a Christ in a brown tunic.

Riec sur belon ch Saint-Pierre nave to altar jun22

Riec sur belon ch Saint-Pierre chapel resurrection jun22

riec sur belon ch Saint-Pierre baptismal chapel jun22

Riec sur belon ch Saint-Pierre altar jun22

As most of the story is on the first post on the St Peter’s Church, will as said, cut the text short here and just add the new pictures which are more descriptive than on the first post.  The laidout is in the form of a papal cross.  The clock dates from 1875.

The town of Riec sur Bélon on its heritage

The Parrish of Quimperlé on the St Peter’s Church in Riec sur Bélon

There you go folks, a wonderful Church of St Pierre in pretty Riec sur Bélon. Better known in the world for its oysters, but plenty more to see here. Again, hope you enjoy the post and worth the detour in the Finistére of my lovely Bretagne

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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