Fort Clohars !!

And continue to enjoy my new life using the expansive beauty of my lovely Bretagne, set out in my road warrior mode seeking new sights, monuments, and adventures. Incredible what we have so close to home, as this is less than an hour from our house and first time there . I will tell you a bit about the Fort Clohars of Clohars Carnoët , in the Finistére dept 29. 

Clohars Carnoet Fort Clohars ruins closeup jun22

I saw it on a map and say was not by there yet so let me take a peek and what a nice find it was. This is a historical fort of WWII fame and even if remodeled still has a lot from the old. Hope you enjoy this new find in my blog as I. The fort is located in the neighborhood of Pouldu near plages Portguerrec and Porsgastel, very much taken in Summer!

From a battery built around 1737, consisting of a housing and a cannon, the gorge and the parapet remain. Intended to reinforce the close defenses of Lorient, this battery appears to appear on the land register of 1823. The current guardhouse, with an area of ​​200 m2 per level, complies with the national model plans of 1846 and houses six vaulted rooms garrison, stables, and ammunition room.

At the end of the Laïta estuary, on the right bank, the position of the Clohars-Carnoët battery, also called fort, made it possible to fight in a sling from Loc’h beach to Pouldu beach. The battery is made up of a model 1846 guardhouse, built in 1849. It provided accommodation for sixty men. It replaces a battery in the first half of the 18C. Decommissioned in 1899, it became private property, the owner of which added a dwelling. This owner gives the name of his building to Fort-Lamond. During WWII, the Nazis built two concrete shelters on either side of the fort, one of which was buried.

Clohars Carnoet Fort Clohars ruins to sea jun22

The Fort-Lamond is composed of a battery with whitewashed walls with corner chaining and framing of the openings in granite, covered with a roof terrace, and a dwelling covered with a hipped roof, in slate. The battery retains the exterior characteristics of the 1846 model . This military heritage represented an important element of the defensive system of the strategic port of Lorient on its west coast.

The official Fort Clohars:

There you go folks, another dandy find in my lovely Bretagne, indeed we have a bunch and I am just beginning ….!!) This Fort Clohars is worth coming back for a more in depth look me think, eventually.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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