And I show you Baye !!

Well lack of a better title , you know me. Again, on my road warrior escapades in my lovely region of Bretagne. I came to a town passed by never stop until today.  I did stop in other places but I was surprise to see a nice monument here. Let me show you a bit on Baye !!

The town of Baye is located in the Finistère department 29 of my lovely Bretagne. It borders Quimperlé to the east, Mellac to the north, Moëlan-sur-Mer to the south and Riec-sur-Bélon to the west. And it is less than an hour from my house, It has only artificial limits except with Riec-sur-Bélon that has the Belon river as border, Baye comes, it seems, from Baya, a Scottish virgin called Baya or Beya, companion of Saint Maure (moor).Historically, it belongs to the Cornouaille (Cornwall),

The Church Saint-Pierre-aux-liens (at the links) dating from 1842-1850, The current church replaces an old sanctuary. It is built in the shape of a Latin cross with a canted apse, and the nave has no aisles and the sacristy is built in the extension of the apse. The bell tower dates from the 17C. Among the statues which decorate the church, it is necessary to announce those of the Trinity, the Virgin-Mother, Notre-Dame de Pitié , Saint Pierre, Sainte Anne, Saint Barbe (Santa Barbara), Saint Aler, Saint Sebastian, Saint Antoine, Saint Ilec as a monk, Saint Yves, Saint Herbot, Saint Maurice de Carnoët, Saint Tugen, Saint Joseph, Saint Catherine, Saint Cornely. Three small wooden statues are carried in procession: Saint Peter, Saint Eloy and Saint Cornély.

Baye ch saint-pierre-aux-liens front jun22

You will like to notice as I will on the altar, above the tabernacle, a statue of the Trinity, then on each side, Saint Pierre-ès-Liens and Saint Barbara, in wooden niches. The current church, which seems to date from the first half of the 19C, has an external length of 20 meters. See Saint Peter, keys, tiara, pointed chasuble on the arms, blessing right hand; Saint Barbara, her tower near her, delivers in her left hand, in her right hand a palm ,Notre Dame de Force or of Comfort, holding in her left hand an archbishop’s cross with a long foot; Saint Anne, without the Virgin, left hand holding a roll of parchment;Sant Aler (Saint Éloy), in cope, crosier, miter at the foot, flap, full beard, short curly hair, at the foot a horse; Saint Cornély, miter, cope, ox’s head at his feet, cross with three branches in hand; the Trinity, Eternal Father, having on the left arm a modern Christ, on the right a dove; Saint Anthony, long hooded robe, concrete in the right hand, book in the left, pig at his feet; Saint Sebastian pierced with arrows; Saint Yves, long dress, shorter coat with sleeves and hood, in left hand a book, wearing a hat raised in front; Saint Darbot (Saint Herbot), dress with tormented pleats, hood, a book, a rosary at the waist; Christ on the cross; Saint Yvi, or more probably Saint Tujean, white alb, red chasuble, side stole, long hair, at his feet a dog, in the left hand a book, in the right a piece of wood which must be the foot of a cross ; Saint Morice, abbot, white robe with hood and scapular, holding an open book in both hands; Saint Dilecq, dressed as a monk, brown robe, over which a dark green cloak; N.-D. de Pitié, seated, Christ on her knees; N.-D. of Bon-Secours, holds the Child Jesus, on a ball, beside her; another Virgin with the Child Jesus on the left arm, the right arm, outstretched, holds a sprig of orange blossom.

The town of Baye and its heritage

This was a quick passing front of the Church St Peter at the Links, and sure will be back for more pictures soon. For now, enjoy the post and me a new spot name in my blog, Baye, a find. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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