The Presqu’ïle de Kermorvan of Le Conquet!!

This is beautiful seafaring area of my lovely Bretagne. I have posts on Le Conquet but looking into my vault do not have these pictures so,therefore, let me tell you more of the Presqu’ïle de Kermorvan of Le Conquet. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Le Conquet is in the department of Finistère 29, in the lovely region of Bretagne. The presqu’ïle de Kermorvan peninsula, connected by a very narrow isthmus to the mainland, has a fairly rugged cuminant relief at an altitude of 30 meters. The town of Le Conquet is served by the D 789 road coming from Brest, via Plougonvelin (my route), by the D 67 coming from Saint-Renan as well as the D 85 coming from the Pointe de Saint-Mathieu , Plougonvelin.

The Presqu’ïle de Kermorvan peninsula is in the town of Le Conquet, town and fishing port of Aber Conq. It is an area now classified by the Coastal Conservatory. It is the right bank of this small aber which carries at its end the lighthouse which lights up the Iroise Sea. You can see Molène, Ouessant and the island of Béniguet, the closest to Le Conquet. A coastal path allows walkers to tour the peninsula as far as the Blancs-Sablons cove and its sandy beach. Pictures at or from the Presqu’ïle de Kermorvan.


There are only a few standing stones left from a cromlech. During the construction of the Atlantic Wall, Nazis troops razed almost all of these archaeological evidence. The forts and batteries still present, like that of the Île de Kermorvan, were built on Vauban plans at the end of the 17C and in the 19C, to ward off attacks from the English and then the British navies. The blockhouses, casemates and various concrete structures are the work of the Todt organization and Nazis troops during WWII.


The Pointe de Kermorvan, its lighthouse and its fort. Fort de l’Îlette, on an islet accessible on foot at low tide. Accompanied by two coast batteries, the fort protected the tip of the peninsula, where there is another coast battery , and the anchorage of the Blancs-Sablons beach. the islet on which it is located.


In the Kermorvan peninsula , there are several things to see such as:
The panorama over Molène, Ouessant and the island of Beniguet , when fog does not allow it. The place is perfectly exposed to appreciate beautiful sunsets.
The small beach of Porz Pabu, where according to legend Saint-Pabu landed.
The magnificent Blancs-Sablons beach, 2.5 km long stretch of white sand extended by a dune area. Exposed to north-westerly winds, this is an excellent surf spot.
The peninsula was fortified in the Middle Ages and still houses several forts and batteries, such as the Îlette fort on an islet to the north of the peninsula.
At the end of the peninsula, the Phare de Kermorvan lighthouse stood on a rock in 1849, connected to the mainland by a bridge. Access to the lighthouse is only possible through the rocks uncovered at low tide. Otherwise, an enclosure fenced by a stone wall prevents any access … The Kermorvan lighthouse is the westernmost lighthouse in France.


I have to mention ,the SNSM sea rescue station inaugurated on March 10, 1867. Also, the Asterix and Obélix arrive by boat at Le Conquet in Le Tour de Gaule d’Astérix book series of this popular French figures my boys love and learned French from their mother reading these books in Florida USA.

The town of Le Conquet info presentation

The Iroise country a map on pdf file

The Iroise area heritage on Kermorvan island

There you go folks, an off the beaten path in glory seas, worth the detour to Le Conquet and the Presqu’ïle de Kermorvan. Hope you enjoy the post and dare the winds and the waves of the Atlantic ocean and the Iroise sea!

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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