Belle Île sur Mer !!!

Ok so mention so much my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. There is actually a Gulf of Morbihan with about 50 islands , 24 of which are inhabited. Then, there are four islands off the continenal shelf and 3 just out from the Gulf of Morbihan. The biggest of them is Belle Ïle sur Mer and I like to tell you a bit about it. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

We came to see on of my son’s played a football match (Belle Ïle sur Mer vs Pluvigner,sadly they lost) and took a ride as well while he played ,,,We took the Compagnie Océane Vindalis ferry boat from Quiberon gare maritime ! Nice ride,rainy day lousy pictures with my phone as forgot my camera lol !!!

Belle ile Remi arrives boat for the foot match jan22

Belle ile Remi team pic for match jan22

The Belle Île sur Mer is the biggest of the Morbihan and Bretagne. We touch base but really you need a week here, You can walk, ride a bike or rent a car to see beautiful sights such as the pointe des Poulains where Sarah Bernhardt came to find here space in the little fortress of Basse-Hiot. We took our car !!! And this is pretty much our ride!

On the north coast you have plenty of small creeks and harbors to see but do come to the small port de Sauzon by the above pointe des Poulains and the Stêr-Vraz beach, Wonderful to get a boat at Sauzon and follow the coast to the pointe du Cardinal where there is an old lighthouse, You now see the creeks such as Porh Puce with a very small beach, or go to the twins beaches of port de Deuborh.

By the Villa Lysiane the home of Sarah Bernhardt you go down a rocky hill , The house is today a welcome center , check the sea tides here before going on to the île des Poulains, you can see the museum here in good weather, Now you see the lighthouse of Poulains where there is an information center on the coastal ways ; now you are at the favorite point of Sarah Bernhardt now a colony of gulls Basse Hiot, however, the actress was buried at the Pére Lachaise cemetery of Paris, She came here first in 1894 she enlarge it with two smaller properties les cinq parties du monde and then Lysiane before purchasing a larger home Penhoët , that was destroyed during WWII, Today the Les Cinq Parties du Monde is open to the public with a museographic space and the small fortress of Basse Hiot on the ground level was done identical as when she was here,

From now you continue to the harbor of Stêr-Vraz to see in continuation the harbor of Stêr Ouen a real fjord that you can tour if with enough energy ! On the beach of Stêr Vraz there is a trail taking you to the hamlet of Bortifaouen, turn right and take the little route that will take you back to the clocktower of Sauzon,

On the south of the island of Belle île sur Mer you see Palais with bike trails and a port to land our ferry, and connect with the road D25 with our car, The first hamlet is Cosquet and to your right the Donnant beach, good for surfers, Come back to the hamlet of Donnant and turn right to reach Borzose and continue to the hamlet of Vazen and take a small road on your left to the port Coton with its wonderful pentup rocky and pointed, you will understand why Claude Monet painted 36 portraits here !

A larger road will take you from here to Kervilaouen where the painter Monet lived in 1886 passing a wonderful view of the harbor of Port Goulphar, You can do a round trip at the entrance to Kervilaouen to the lighthouse of Grand Phare whose real name is Goulphar done in 1832 and 52 meters high you can climb 247 steps to the top, nice view but 247 steps ! Coming back from Kervilaouen take right into Bordelouet on a street crossing take right to Domois and at the end the semaphore of Talut where there is a nice view of the cliffs.

Come back to Dormois turn right towards Bornor then Kérel at the entrance of the hamlet you see the big beach of Port Kérel surrounded by wild cliffs but the swim is nice, By the route du Grand Village turn left direction Bangor and take the first road to the right towards Calastren here turn left and after passing several houses of Bortémon you arrive at a road crossing turn right here and pass Kervarijon then Borlagadec to arrive at Herlin, A trail to your right bring you down to the best beach on the south coast , Go up to Herlinand take direction Grand Cosquet and Ti-Sévéno, take a right towards Pouldon and again a trail will take you to the Port of Pouldon, Come back to the hamlet turn left straight ahead is the windmill of Bourhic, and turning left here will take you back to the D25 road, Take it on the right towards Locmaria with a nice roman style church descend to the port maria beach and from Locmaria take you to Port an Dro by Borderenne, Kerzo and Borderhoaut, where there is a nice beach where in the 19C was guarded by two fortress waiting an invasion from England, Not enough to stop naming a nearby lookout the Rocher de la Reine Victoria (the rock of queen Victoria), To come back to Palais take the road D30 along the coast passing by two big nice beaches, Grands Sables and Port Yorc’h.

The Compagnie Océane to Belle ïle en Mer

The Belle ïle sur Mer island on the Bernhardt and Monet experiences

The Belle ïle sur Mer island on its heritage

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the Belle Ïle sur Mer

The Morbihan dept 56 on Belle Ïle sur Mer

There you go folks, another dandy piece of beauty about my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne,and in my belle France! This is gorgeous Belle Ïle sur Mer and you must come when possible.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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