Rue Saint Vincent of Vannes!!

And of course, can’t let you off easy from my dear capital city of Vannes of my beautiful Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France.. This town has charm, quant, historical ,and great architecture; one town needs to be discover more by visitors. I have many posts on Vannes, and will continue to detail its marvels, such as this wonderful half-timbered houses street of Rue Saint Vincent! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Rue Saint Vincent was created on land ceded to the inhabitants of Vannes by the Duke of Vendôme in 1610. The first constructions were made at the end of the 16C, but most of the mansions were built in the 2nd half of the 17C for or by parliamentarians during the exile of Parliament of Brittany in Vannes between 1675 and January 1690. The opening of the Porte Saint-Vincent gate (see post) in 1624 allows an outlet from the street to the port (see post). The street is straight bordered by houses built on plots, on the east side, deep and shallow reaching the city wall, unlike the mansions on the west side of Rue Saint-Vincent built on larger plots, a probable result of grouping together. narrower plots.
vannes rue saint vincent aug18
A major breakthrough in the intramural area, the Rue Saint-Vincent can be considered as the city’s first attempt at urban development, the city’s first real link with its port, through the very demonstrative Porte Saint-Vincent. open on marshy grounds. The marshes undoubtedly required special work when the land in this sector was reduced. The estier of the Moulin des Lices (formerly the Moulin de la Nue), the influence of the canal on the fishmonger side can still be seen in the current plot. Most of the houses along Rue Saint-Vincent were built in the 17C. Many of them have kept stairs, fireplaces, wall cupboards despite essential renovations. On the other hand, some have been the object of irremediable destruction, including 11 Rue Saint-Vincent, rebuilt in 1960, and of which only the very beautiful wooden staircase with central opening, comparable to that of the Hôtel de Limur, (see post) in stone remains. 

One nice house here is at No 15 rue Saint-Vincent; near place de la Poissonnerie, The construction of the mansion on the largest plot of Rue Saint-Vincent, bordered by the place de la Poissonnerie, by the canal de la Marle supplying the mill of Lices from which it still separated it in 1844. The mansion was established between the courtyard on which its main facade develops. The courtyard is bounded by two square freestone pillars cushioned into balls, once marking the western edge of the canal on the Place de la Poissonnerie. A second series of pillars, of which only the south pillar remains, once bordered the east bank of the canal. In alignment with the street, the main facade of the mansion developped on two floors and a top floor a regular facade with 6 bays, the door of the entrance shifted giving access to a paved corridor leading to the staircase; the staircase with three revolutions and two flights of granite is similar by its limestone arches delimiting a central day, to those of the Hôtel of Limur (see post) and the episcopal palace, the latter on a more important development. however, the stone balusters were replaced in the 19C by a wooden balustrade without character: a single baluster remains on the half-story rest, undoubtedly in limestone and covered like the arches with a hideous plaster the distribution comprises of the noble floor 1st floor (2ndUS) , Below the stairwell, a large square apartment comprising two rooms facing the street and three rooms in the back wing overlooking the courtyard including the kitchen, distribution which must be repeated on each level . On the other hand, the levels of the main body contain only one or two rooms facing the street, the wing back onto a courtyard dedicated to the stables not linked to the main body. In the 2000s, the resumption of shop facades on the facade made it possible to discover traces of part of the old openings,

The mansion known as Hôtel Dondel at 8 Rue Saint-Vincent, was possibly built in the first half of the 17C, acquired by Pierre Dondel, Lord of Keranguen, king’s adviser and first magistrate at the presidial seat of Vannes from his uncle François de La Pierre, Sieur des Salles, on May 29, 1680, In 1726, had the latter built the body on the street level in limestone, rejecting the staircase in the body on the back with the creation of a stairwell explaining the recess of the south gable wall. The basement takes up the L-shaped plan of the first dwelling, showing the remains of old air-holes blocked during the creation of the stairwell. The family still owns the hotel in 1840 according to the archives kept, The two-part hotel set up in alignment with the street and the alley, with a small separating interior courtyard and rear garden. The main body on L-shaped street with return to the rear, double in depth, built in regular granite rubble, with framing of the bays and paintings under the windows and molded limestone cornice. The hotel shows an elevation with spans with 2 square floors and an attic floor on a large vaulted basement with central access door on the ground floor., The rear lateral staircase gives access to the floors and to the latrines located on the half-floor. There is a secondary staircase for each level which starts at the half-floor. The posterior body grafted onto the back of the main body comprises a pavilion part; the rest join the tour Trompette or Trumpet tower, (nice creperie here now see post) passing over the alley; this part has only one square floor under a two-sided roof.

Today, the Rue Saint Vincent has a new face with widened sidewalks, a narrowed traffic line, an upgrade for people with reduced mobility, an absence of height difference between the roadway and the sidewalk. It is full of shops and restos so quant one of our favorite and leading to the Le Port marina passing under the Porte Saint Vincent is very nice, On the other side going into the old town you pass wonderful square where the big market (see post) is held and which we love to come on Saturday noonish.

vannes rue saint vincent and petit train sep21

The city of Vannes on the Rue St Vincent

There you go folks, another dandy in beautiful Vannes, my capital city. We come to the Rue Saint Vincent often and very much shop in this street many goodies, nice shops and restos here amongst the wooden houses, love it. You too will just stop by will you! Hope it helps your planning

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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