The parc du golfe fun activities in Vannes!

So will come back to tell you about some wonderful family activities in a great spot in my capital city of Vannes. This is the parc du golfe and its great , plenty here for all, see my many posts. However, I will update a previous post on the aquarium and butterfly garden which are in the parc du golfe. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

You  will find in the Parc du Golfe a garden of butterflies or jardin aux papillons ! ,and what was the  aquarium of Vannes. Its a mix feeling of nice family visits and many enjoyable moments here and then sad story of a closure. Life goes on we just keep our memories intact. Let me tell you my story on these.

You have the Le Jardin aux Papillons or Butterfly Garden, where you will discover an ecosystem with hundreds of tropical flowers and plants, in the midst of which tropical butterflies and a few birds evolve. The site is covered and the conditions are tropical: it is between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius (68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit) with an ambient humidity of 80 to 100%. The tropical climate conducive to life gives beautiful colors to plants and flowers. The luxuriant vegetation reveals its treasures to you: Coffee trees, Banana trees, Guava trees, Hibiscus in bloom, Citrus and Pass Flores.   Butterflies are shy but if you are discreet and attentive, you will be able to observe them all around you. Prefer a visit on a clear, sunny day, as they will be more active between 11h to 16h. You then walk among the butterflies which fly and forage in freedom.

vannes le jardin aux papillons ent mar21

It is a small tropical paradise, refuge of a multitude of butterflies from Africa, America and Asia. This astonishing 500 m2 greenhouse recounts the ephemeral life of these “sky gods”, who fly and forage in total freedom, among the lianas and flowering shrubs. Like true entomologists, you will discover the nursery, which welcomes 400 chrysalises every week, to finish their moult in a hatcher. Under the eye of the most curious, the pupae will then crack, revealing the still crumpled wings of the butterflies. A fleeting and unique moment, since some varieties only live for a week or two … Also, sit in the calm of the garden, listen to or look for the 2 parakeets or the 3 Chinese quails ; by the way, why do we find quails in the Butterfly Garden? Well, quite simply because these birds have a cleaning role: everything is natural in the Garden, the quails eat the parasites or insects that chase the butterflies.

An educational and nice place to visit with the whole family! The parc du golfe is wonderful with plenty of other activities even eating/drinking places , peniche boat on the gulf with piano Jazz , and boating passing by , making them, and ferry to the out islands, A magical spot indeed !

The official Jardin aux papillons webpage

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the butterfly garden

The Aquarium of Vannes was located in the Parc du Golfe as well, and had three sections to see, Temperate seas Waters, Warm and tropical seas, and  Warm fresh waters. The aquarium was carrying out a mission to save the fauna of the Gulf of Morbihan. It presents two endangered species from the Gulf: the seahorse, and the cuttlefish. Unfortunately, the Aquarium of Vannes has closed a while ago, and the doors of the site, having welcomed no less than 5 million visitors in 36 years of activity, will remain closed this summer 2021 as well as in the coming months. The ponds emptied, the fish sold and the employees made redundant… End of the story of the Vannes aquarium ; sadly indeed,

Vannes aquarium parc du golfe ent may13

The residents of the aquarium, including the female crocodile Eleanor or the tropical fish, have found refuge in other sites and in particular at the Biarritz aquarium, The man who opened the Vannes aquarium in 1984 is actively considering the future. He said « I am working on the design of a new major project that could welcome you in 2023 or 2024, A project on the sea and biodiversity instead of the former aquarium « assures Denis Konnert, the owner.

The aquarium hosted a Nile crocodile found in the sewers of Paris, under the Pont Neuf, in 1984. Measuring less than a meter at the time, Eleanor measures 3 meters in adulthood for a weight exceeding 250 kilos . Its habitat is singularly reminiscent of the sewers where it lived before being found by sewer workers and captured by Paris firefighters. In 2020, it was entrusted to La Ferme aux crocodiles in Pierrelatte (Drôme 26). He died sadly in June 2021.

There was even a mini-golf course part of the Aquarium! It was the ideal place to test your skills in a friendly and good ambiance ! With a course of 18 tracks, the mini-golf offered you 1h30 of relaxation. We love the design with decorative arrangements that punctuate the course: lighthouse, mill, castle, tower, sundial and a suspension bridge 4 meters long. It was fun but as the aquarium same owner is closed no date as what will be next here or part of the overall future project,

The official Aquarium of Vannes webpage with sad news:

There you go folks, two mythical spots for family trips to our capital city for many years now; sadly one is closed. Nevertheless, will keep this post for the memories and remind me of our family visits to the aquarium. Gladly, the butterfly garden is still there to marvel young and old. Hope you enjoy the tour of the Aquarium and Butterfly Garden of Vannes as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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