Rue Saint Salomon of Vannes!

And of course, can’t let you off easy from my dear capital city of Vannes of my beautiful Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France.. This town has charm, quant, historical ,and great architecture; one town needs to be discover more by visitors. I have many posts on Vannes, and will continue to detail its marvels, such as this wonderful half-timbered houses street of Rue Saint Salomon! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Rue Saint Salomon of medieval origin, connecting the Faubourg Saint-Salomon, outside the walls, to the Place Henri IV. It has an irregular layout, very narrow and winding, lined with half-timbered and stone houses. Gorgeous to walk indeed, A certain number of houses, suffered the consequences of the alignment plan after 1844, leading either to the reconstruction of some of them like No, 4 and 6 or to their resumption on the street. largely No 2 and 7. Nevertheless, the Rue Saint-Salomon has retained a high number of half-timbered houses compared to other streets which have seen this implementation be replaced by stone dwellings.


The nice house at 13 Rue Saint-Salomon shows built in cantilevered timber and aligned with the street with a rear courtyard and small garden. At street level, the house has 2 square floors and an attic floor under a long-sloped roof. This medieval house on three levels has a ground floor with four animals, one of which is a bear and a lion depicted on the central pillars; the others, placed at the ends, are difficult to identify, perhaps fantastic animals. The house probably built, because of its architectural characteristics, in the first half of the 16C, for the family of Trevegat, who remained the owner until the 17C, The house at No 15, was built in the 1670’s by François de Trevegat, and which according to the texts communicates with No 13. No doubt at the same time, a staircase common to the two houses was built on the site of the posterior courtyard of No 15, replacing the stairs of the two dwellings mentioned in the archives as well as a perpendicular body flanked against the facade.of the main building on the street. The house was restored in 1964. On the street front, we can see the traces of the old windows on a few posts.


Another nice one and recorded by the city of Vannes is at No 10 Rue Saint-Salomon .This house built in 1560 for Jehan Foliart, according to the inscription made in the wood of the high sand pit of the ground floor, The site is occupied in the rentier of the ducal domain 1455-1458 by a group of 4 houses which extend from the No 16 to this place and it is undoubtedly in the place of this last house that the current house is rebuilt in the 16C. The house is doubled in the 18C by a later body built on a part of the courtyard mentioned in the reform in 1677. It is probable that the openings of the facade on the street were repeated at the same time. Skylights were added to the roof at the end of the 19C. In the 20C, the expansion of the stores led to the disappearance of the lean-to house on the fence wall visible on the 1844 cadastre and the entire courtyard coverage at ground floor level. This house was built in two parts; the first on the street level shows a timber-framed facade developing over 2 square floors with a stone base, of which are preserved in the center two columns with capitals bordering the entrance the frame is stiffened by Saint-André crosses or fern strands . This structure shows repetitions at the level of the current openings having replaced small windows which ran on the facade before transformation and which were supported by small crosses of Saint-André, The second part which doubles the first body to the north houses the cage axial staircase and two side pieces of unequal dimensions. The staircase is in wood, with dayless returns with a baluster banister. The north facade is built in stone, plastered with segmental arched windows.

vannes rue Saint Salomon aug18

The city of Vannes on the No 10 Rue Saint Salomon house

There you go folks, another dandy spot from my beautiful capital city of Vannes or Gwened in Breton language. You will love it walking here with its cobblestones, half-timbered houses and wonderful shops; a delight. Hope you enjoy the Rue Saint Salomon as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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