The Monoprix of Vannes!

Well this is one classic department store came to meet in Paris and was lucky to have one in Versailles ! As we moved west to the coast in the Morbihan dept 56 our capital city where I worked is Vannes. Therefore, on my run with collègues came to see it again in old town Vannes and voilà, the rest is history for us at Monoprix of Vannes!


We have come here for many years , do not recall exactly but must have been since 2011 or 2012 and enjoy it very much. One of the places the whole family took part for our misc shopping spree while enjoying the quant medieval ambiance around it in  Vannes. Needless to tell you again, many posts on this city. However, briefly mentioned the store and is time to showcase it in one post. Therefore, here is my small contribution to the Monoprix of  Vannes!

Vannes monoprix store front Pl Joseph le Brix dec21

The Monoprix store of Vannes located at Place Joseph le Brix, is open Monday to Saturday from 9h to 19h and Sunday from 9h30 to 12h30. The largest store of ​​Vannes ,when it was inaugurated in March 1967, it has kept a special place in the city center. the modest Utyl at the bottom of the rue du Mené, it is partly to her that we owe the creation of the Monoprix on the land which until then housed the community of Le Mené and their chapel Notre-Dame-du-Mené. The nuns wanted to sell, and voilà.  On the day of the inauguration, the whole of Vannes was present and discovers with wide eyes the 6,000 m2 of the immense building and its 1,800 m2 of shelves on two levels.

Vannes monoprix inside dec21

Created in 1932 in the context of the crisis of the 1930s, the first Monoprix store opened on the initiative of Max Heilbronn, a French resistance fighter. Its goal was to offer the population a store at a low price. The concept was very popular and the Monoprix stores quickly spread across France. Today, more than 200 French cities have it, and the brand also has more than 80 stores in other countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


But if the concept was at the base of offering articles at reduced prices, the brand decided to change its positioning in the early 2000s. Indeed, to face the competition, the idea was to embark on offering more upscale products. Despite this radical change of position, success was evident. There are therefore currently very good quality products, especially those of the brand’s , in fact, Monoprix has its own food, cosmetic, textile and cleaning brands.

The official Monoprix on the Vannes store,-2.75709876453306/%20%2056000%20%20VANNES

There you go folks, a by now familiar landscape while shopping in France. The Monoprix of Vannes is nice and already overcrowded but a nice underground parking too! We come here once in a while still, and we remember my dear late wife Martine love it!! Hope you too and do come visit, the area around it is awesome for walks and shopping/eating.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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