The Japanim of Vannes, mangas anyone?

Ok so this will put in my blog but is strickly my boys domain! They read the blog as this is our family history. We have come here since store was around about 2012 and continue now into the bigger new store in our capital city of Vannes.  

We have come here for many years , and enjoy it very much. One of the places the whole family took part with the boys who listen to videos in Japanese! . Needless to tell you again, many posts on this city. However, briefly mentioned the store and is time to showcase it in one post. Therefore, here is my small contribution to the Japanim store of Vannes!

The Japanim store was at 14 bis rue Emilie Burgault for several years, but it has grown and the space was very tight, Now they move to 3 Place Joseph le Brix.  My boys have gone to the new store already as they are regular customers,,,, and today was my turn to visit and pay all those Christmas gifts lol !! Pic below my boys and Dad going in!!!

vannes japanim store front 3 Pl Joseph le Brix boys going in dec21

Japanim, 3 Place Joseph-Le Brix in Vannes. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10h  to 12h30 and 13h30 to 19h.

Japanim quadruple its surface by moving to rue Joseph-Le Brix. It offers 12,800 mangas. A literary genre booming since confinement. It’s a low-key bookstore that only manga fans know about. Established rue Burgault since 2001, Japanim has just left its 23 m2 premises to move into a former 80 m2 clothing store, rue Joseph-Le Brix, in front of Monoprix (see post).

vannes japanim store books dec21

Of the six stores opened by Julien Pelletier (owner)  in the west of France ,from Saint-Brieuc to Nantes, via Rennes, Vannes is one of the most profitable per square meter. The Japanim network has adapted and offers sections dedicated to adults (seinen) and teenagers (shōnen). Julien Pelletier intends to organize, in the coming months, dedications, in particular with French authors. “We can touch them more than the Japanese. There are currently a dozen of them working well, including Tony Valente, who has already been to Vannes and a series of which has been adapted in Japan. “

vannes japanim store mugs dec21

The old store was tight hardly a place to move about, a bazaar really. This new store is great, spacious, and loaded no need to search inventory for a manga , most are on display complete! The service is great as my boys are known there with the manager, of course! I was there today for their chosen Christmas gifts, I left ruin but happy! Their mom Martine would have been proud of spending money today so do I. I am blessed with wonderful good young men, 3 of them!!

Are you into mangas? if do you need to come to this store while in the area. The service and selection is excellent. Japanim of Vannes that is…

Manga lovers will be delighted thanks to Japanim, a Breton chain of bookstores exclusively specialized in manga and other Asian comics (20th Century Boys, Brothers, Naruto, YuGiOh, Cantarella …). You will also find artbooks, VHS and DVD animations as well as goodies. Japanim applies the 5% discount that the Lang Law allows on all items through a loyalty card.

Their Facebook page:

There you go folks, a nice setup store, friendly knowledgeable staff, and a great location in old town Vannes. A killer combination that even I will not hesitate to go again; just hope not buying again lol! This is Japanim, the manga king. Hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!

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