Chapelle St Yves of Vannes!

Well here is another find in my vault of my blog. Of course, no excuses as I past by it every week at least, and have taken pictures of the city hall and college with brief mentioned in previous posts. However, I have left telling you about this nice historical monument of my capital city of Vannes. Therefore, this is time to remedy the omission and tell you a bit more on the Chapelle St Yves of Vannes!

The Chapelle Saint-Yves Chapel is in the heart of the city of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan. Built in the 17C as the church of the Jesuit college which is immediately adjacent to it, The Saint Yves Chapel is located on Place Maurice-Marchais. It is adjacent to the Collége Jules-Simon (middle school), a former Jesuit college, across the street to the city/town hall of Vannes.


The first college in Vannes, with a first Saint-Yves Chapel, was built in 1577. In 1629-1630, the college and its chapel were entrusted to the Jesuits. The chapel was restored in 1616 before being rebuilt from 1661 to 1685 with the financial assistance of Catherine de Francheville.(see post mansion), The Saint-Yves Chapel, built in a spirit of austerity, is inspired by Italian Baroque models and representative of the Jesuit style of the time. It was built at a time when the city experienced an important religious boom with the installation of many communities and the construction of convents, retirement homes or chapels.


Built in white stones, the Saint-Yves Chapel is built on a granite base. The two levels of the chapel are topped with a high pediment, in which is engraved the traditional Jesuit monogram IHS (Jesus Hominum Salvator). The volumes of this chapel are simple, a single nave, a reduced choir. making of an altarpiece in 1684 , This altarpiece with black marble columns with Corinthian capitals has wings, the niches of which are furnished with two statues. The painting at the heart of the altarpiece is dedicated to the triumph of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The sculptured elements of the facade of the chapel: above the bay of the second level there is an effigy of the Virgin of Bethlehem in a medallion; in the center of the top pediment is the IHS monogram with the cross and the Sacred Heart, inscribed in a circle on each side of which are hung two garlands of plants.

vannes-rue de la loi parking to coll-chapel-back-coll-jules-simon-sep16

In 1991, the St Yves Chapel was to be closed to the public for security reasons. Unoccupied, its general condition deteriorates over the years. In 2021, the chapel benefits from a major restoration campaign which should be done by January 2022, The exterior lighting, on the other hand, and the lighting of the chapel should be done in early December 2021 when the City’s illuminations are launched for the end of the year celebrations. UPDATE: the Chapelle St Yves is open with a Mass 23 january 2022! See new pic!

vannes chapelle St Yves renov mar22

The city of Vannes on the Chapelle St Yves and renovation :

The Parish Vannes Catholic on the opening Mass:

There you go folks, a dandy monument in my Vannes. It always made an impression on me passing by and looking forward to it full restoration to see the inside. The Chapelle St Yves is nice and the whole town/area is waiting for it. Another wonderful spot in the city, and great walk area as well as the entrance to the old town section full of shops and restos/bars! Hope you have enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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