The market at Lannion !

I have several posts in my blog on markets, we love them. Each time in a town we look for them and do shop as well. The freshest best of the very best of France are found there. Some are better than other of course , but they are all better than the other places to shop groceries, especially. One of these was in Lannion , little known but a wonderful place to be in and shop. Therefore, let me update the post and tell you about the pretty market at Lannion!

I have written on Lannion in my blog but believe not enough on this wonderful building that deserves more. Therefore ,here is a bit more to see in Lannion at the Halles or covered market and the open market around it, historically wonderful. Lannion is the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of the region of Bretagne. It has the wonderful N12 road connecting Brest to Paris as well as a TGV train station.


The big Lannion market is an institution! Every Thursday, at dawn, it takes over the city center or downtown, for the whole day. In the morning, honor is given to the regional food products, on the place de Général-Leclerc and in the adjacent streets. The first hour, on Thursday morning, the street vendors settle in the city center. In the morning, producers in the region offer for sale their mouth-watering products in the Place du Général Leclerc, rue Jean Savidan and rue Cie Barbé. On the Quai d’Aiguillon, rue Le Taillandier, rue des Chapelier, the other merchants take place for the whole day.  In the morning, from Tuesday to Saturday. For one hundred years, the stalls of the central halles have the famous fresh products of the land and the sea. This is a wonderful building indeed and deserves more and a visit ,the halles of Lannion.


The first halles of Lannion were born in the Middle Ages and were rebuilt in 1697, on the order of the intendant of Brittany. These halles were private property of a noble who had a royal privilege which allowed him to collect the rights of haulage in exchange for the maintenance of the buildings. The halles belonged to the family Le Gualès from 1688 to the French revolution. The law of March 15, 1790 removes the royal privilege by prohibiting the collection of the rights of haulage for individuals. In 1822, the town of Lannion bought the halles. The new halles will operate on the Place du Centre throughout the 19C. The halles were demolished in 1832 and it was in 1905 that the town of Lannion decided to build the halles that we know today. The work of the zinc frame and the glass cover are given to several merchants that needed coordination, and the inauguration of the halles of Lannion originally scheduled for October 15, 1907, will finally take place on November 1, 1907.


The hours are Tuesday to Saturdays from 8h to 13h with Fridays in addition open from 14h30 to 19h30.  A bit of info on the city of Lannion webpage here:

More info I gather at the Hôtel de Ville, Place du Général Leclerc , Lannion. Tél : +33 2 96 46 64 22 : Fax +33 2 96 37 17 03. Mondays to Fridayas from 8h-12h , and 13h30 -17h30 as well as Saturdays from 9h- 12h.

The Côtes d’Armor tourist board on the Halles of Lannion market

The Brittany tourist board on Lannion

And there you go, a nice shopping spree up north with plenty of wonderful monuments to see too, look up my previous post on nice Lannion.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!

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