Créperie Saint Sauveur at St Goustan!!!

I like to update this memorable spot forever. As we came to live in this area we road warrior a lot but also walked a lot in towns. Auray was no exception and walked it we did. Coming upon the lower town or the port of Saint Goustan and its meandering narrow steep cobblestones streets we hit this restaurant; the créperie Saint Sauveur! It has been our central eatery and already good friends with the owners which we have even encountered doing the groceries! Of course, hightly recommended. 


So taking you back closer to home and the historic wonderful Auray of my beautiful Morbihan 56 in my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France. This is even better at the wonderful district or lower town of Saint Goustan, a port!  I like to tell you about one I have mentioned briefly in previous posts several times but it is worth mentioning on a single post. As we lived close to Saint Goustan when we first entered the Morbihan ,we took our weekend road warrior spirit to check out the area. While coming to Saint Goustan we felled in love with the place and spent time on it. Moving up from the Place Saint Sauveur we came upon a hilly cobblestone street and voilà we found the Créperie Saint Sauveur!


The owners husband and wife were very friendly welcoming us to the area talking about everything with us. We came to know them well and now with two little kids in tow the wife spends more time at home and the husband in charge with staff help. We come across them several times while doing our groceries in the market or hypermarket! A very personal photo one of the best of my dear late wife Martine, she enjoyed coming here and talking a lot with the owners (taken order) ; memories never to be forgotten.


I have taken my French family here and visiting friends and all came out with the same good feelings of the place which of course I highly recommend to all! The Créperie Saint Sauveur is at  6 Rue Saint-Sauveur,  Auray ;however it is in the lower town in the port district of Saint Goustan.


A bit of a unbiased description. The place really offers a very nice welcome, the products are fresh, of local quality and the dishes are succulent.  An efficient staff, very welcoming and really friendly (waiters and cook)! Excellent crepes all home made from Breton hands of very good quality used for their preparation. Original recipes from dish to dessert . All this for a very correct addition!  In an old house of historic appearance in the district of the port of Saint-Goustan,  in a warm and complicit atmosphere. The plates are simple and return with kindness the classics of the genre, which will be appreciated at competitive prices. Dynamics personnel and owners. A must to visit!

The official webpage of the Créperie Saint Sauveur

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the Créperie Saint Sauveur

My fav YELP on reviews which I am in it since 2004 (see bottom front page my blog)  on the Créperie Saint Sauveur

You will do good to come here when in the area, the Créperie Saint Sauveur has grown in popularity thanks to its good local products, great making of the owners and their friendly open attention to all. Enjoy it as we do!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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