Church Notre Dame de la Tronchaye!!!

This is a wonderful old church in one of our favorite towns of the Morbihan dept 56 . We come here often and not missed a Christmas market event since in the area back in 2011! Let me tell you about another gem the Church Notre Dame de la Tronchaye in Rochefort en Terre! Hope you enjoy it as we do.

Well I am updating a post from 2019 but realised have not written nothing more on this wonderful monument so will include new text and pictures. Again ,the Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Tronchaye is located in Rochefort-en-Terre, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France.

rochefort en terre

According to legend, the Church Notre Dame de la Troncaye was built on the site where a statue of the Virgin breastfeeding the Child Jesus was discovered in the 12C. It is claimed that the statue was hidden in the trunk of a tree two centuries earlier, as the Vikings attacked the area. A stained glass window from 1927 recalls this legend.

rochefort en terre

The primitive church, built to the south of the castle, on the slope of the land, probably dates from the 12C, a time when the lords of the place are beginning to figure in history. It was naturally Romanesque in style and had the shape of a Latin cross, with a square turret in the middle of the inter-transept. This plan is still that of the church from the beginning of the 20C, because the replacement of the new church for the old one took place only gradually.

rochefort en terre

In 1498, Jean IV de Rieux-Rochefort founded, thanks to the 100,000 gold crowns he received from Anne of Bretagne (duchess and queen) , a college of seven canons to pray for the repose of the soul of the Lord and his family. . In the choir, you can still see their carved stalls. In 1925, Rochefort-en-Terre became a Marian city, which gave rise to the order of two new stained-glass windows: in 1926, the stained-glass window in the back chancel representing the Holy Family and in 1927, the stained-glass window of the shepherdess discovering the Virgin in a tree trunk.

rochefort en terre

A bit of description on the Church of Notre Dame de la Troncaye tells us that the fortified tower of the transept crossing dates from the Romanesque chapel built in 1125. In 1533, the north facade was rebuilt in a flamboyant Gothic style. In 1610, a large altarpiece in polychrome stones installed, which is now located at the end of the choir. In 1865, the south side was restored. In 1887, the north facade was also restored. In 1898, the west gable was repaired and the gallery built. In 1922, the stone altarpiece finds its current place, whereas previously it replaced the old rood screen which separated the nave from the choir. The stained glass window of the Sacred Heart is installed on the east gable, and the stained glass window of the statue’s discovery is installed on the south side.

On the square stands a sculpted Calvary, nicknamed the Bible of the poor because it was used by priests to teach the Bible to illiterates. The sculptures are carved from granite. This Calvary would be the only one in Brittany to represent the Passion and Ascension of Christ. This is also where the Rochefort cemetery was located until the mid-19C.

I was once again in one of my favorite towns in Bretagne . This is a fairy tale town with medieval city center, small and cosy we love. The Church of Notre Dame de la Tronchaye is old quant and nice right in the lower town, and we never missed it. We go here often and especially around Christmas time, which they hold the best Christmas market (see posts) if not the best in all of Bretagne.

The town of Rochefort en Terre on the church:

The Rochefort en Terre tourist office on the church:

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist board on the church:

There you go a magical beautiful old town in the Morbihan and a must to visit for sure. It’s Christmas market has appeared in several publications and French TV over the years. Wonderful can’t say more, see Rochefort en Terre! And a one stop to the Church of Notre Dame de la Tronchaye!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Hey! Nice post, but just to let you know all your photos are broken images…


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