This is Carnac Bourg!!

So let me revise update new title text updated links the works on this wonderful old post of mine from a great beach town of Carnac just south of me. If you travel, you know this town is world famous and Unesco World Heritage site for its megaliths stones. However, in good weather beach time it is a lively town with good ambiance and we love it at the Grande Plage or big beach of Carnac!

And here we are on another nice day with sunny weather temps around 20C or about 70F no rain,just perfect for the beach in us not the water of course. We need to move on so with the boys we came back to our family nice beats in our corner of the world. We used to come here a lot with mom as it is only 24 km or about 15 miles from our house. Proving this love for the area ,I have many posts in my blog on the beach town. Of course, I am talking about Carnac, in the Morbihan Breton.

But wait, these are really two towns in one. First, we have Carnac bourg or the inland city with the main Church, museum, restos ,shops, and city hall; and then we have Carnac plage or beachside with the big beach, shops, restos and just laid back ambiance.


I  leave the history for my other posts , just that the alignments here are Unesco World Heritage Site. Let me tell you it is just down from my house on the D768 and then a quick turn into the D119 to Carnac bourg , really easy and as we got early by 10h30 we found easy parking at the place de la Chapelle next to the Pre History museum and right by the tourist office. This weekend as it was a Pentecost holiday  we had free parking too here. We took a quick tour of the tourist office as I think it is always essential no matter how many times you come to a place. There are always changes and we notice.


The town is very nice and small on the bourg side and then a short ride to the beach side for more walks. Other than the Pre History museum ….The other must to see here is the Church Saint Cornély, a jewel itself and one of the best renaissance Churches in France! It is from the 17C.

There is a huge choice of shops and restos here. One of our favorite shopping for souvenirs and gifts is Korrigans on rue Saint Cornély just off the Church (and my boys shopping ::)). They  are easy to find just go around the Church on your right hand side facing it. The other is an old timer used to be called Cozy restaurant , it was the first place I ate here back in 2011!!. Well , as we can’t keep up with the choices and changes around here lol! They have new owners and new name not tested yet call Les Caprices d’Anaïs.



The city of Carnac tourist office in English:

The area Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Carnac in English:

The dept 56 Morbihan tourist office on Carnac in English:

Again, so much to see here on the bourg , city center. As I have so many posts , trying not to repeat this is it for now. This is one to come with the whole family if ever in this corner of the world and of course let me know ok. This is  a lovely town again I insist a must to see with the family. We love it and now many memories for us coming here with my dear late wife Martine!

I hope you enjoy it too as we do. Again, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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