Collégiale Basilique Notre Dame of Beaune!!!

And again surprise! As you might notice doing updates and revisions of my older posts in my blog, which has been a sublime invigorating action with many memorable moments flashing back! And many virtual friends comments and likes along the way, thank you all. However, one very happy moment is when find many monuments left behind or little written on it! This is the case of this one which had not written at all even if had pictures! Therefore, here is my credit post to the Collégiale Basilique Notre Dame of Beaune !!!

I have written on Beaune on other sights and we stayed in gîtes just south of it with the family vacation so know Beaune well, in addition that my wine aficionado had taken me there and visit the most famous houses. Somehow, I had skip the church! See my other posts. Beaune department of Côte’d’Or 21 in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte.

The Church of Notre Dame has texts that tell us that the first Church was established in the old town from 976, the western portal of byzantine style of the current Church dates from the 12C. The exterior  has three nerfs from the 14C that hides the façade some destroyed during the French revolution but some still there from the 15C ….  just a nice Church.

Let me tell you a bit on the history I like

The Collégiale Basilique Notre Dame of Beaune is a canonical ensemble dating from the second half of the 12C. The collegiate basilica is one of the last great Burgundian Romanesque churches in Burgundy.It has three floors, cruciform pillars to which Gothic decor, a Renaissance bell tower and a remarkable 16C chapel . Its construction was undertaken in the middle of the 12C on the Clunysian model and was completed at the beginning of the following century while maintaining a remarkable stylistic unity. The canonical buildings date from the end of the 12C, the porch from the middle of the 13C. The chapels were added from the 13C to the 16C; the most remarkable are the Saint-Léger Chapel adorned with murals and the Bouton chapel dated 1530. The Gothic spire of the church was replaced by an imperial roof built from 1580 to 1588 .

Beaune coll ch Notre Dame front aug11

And a bit on its description I like

Inside, you can admire a superb statue of the Virgin and Child dating from the 12C. She belongs to the family of black virgins. Do not miss the guided tour organized by the tourist office of the collection of tapestries of the Virgin dating from the 15C inspired by La Légende Dorée by Jacques de Voragine. The opportunity to hear the story unfolding before your eyes with the birth and childhood of the Virgin and of Christ until the coronation of the Virgin. It has a nice and ample design,in the choir you see the Black Virgin from the 12C, the second chapel paintings from the 15C representing the resurrection of Lazarus, a pieta from the 16C and on the third chapel  two altars from the 15C , on the south side you see the Chapelle Renaissance. The tapestries are gorgeous behind the main altar  on the life of the Virgin marking the passage from the middle ages to the renaissance.  Five panels trace the history of the Virgin in 19 paintings ordered in 1474 and offered to the Church in 1500.  The cloister dating from the 13C and the capitulary room have been renovated.

Beaune coll ch notre dame tapestries aug11

The Collégiale Basilique Notre Dame of Beaune has a nave with two aisles, a transept and a choir with apse, ambulatory and radiating chapels. The nave, the transept and the choir are covered with broken barrel vaults, the aisles and the ambulatory with groin vaults, the porch, the apse, the chapels, the cloister and the chapter house with ribbed vaults , the chapel Button from a ceiling. Around 1690, Gabriel Revel produced The Adoration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an oil on canvas measuring 243 × 223 cm 3 To the left of the choir is the old sacristy, to the right, upstairs, the old Saint-Michel Chapel (private oratory of Nicolas Rolin) whose apse, lit by a semi-circular window, is supported by a cul-de-Lampe and covered with a terrace bordered by a balustrade. A corridor allowed communication with the canonical building. In the 19C, Viollet-le-Duc helped save the church and left its mark by building a covered gallery to the right of the portal .The portal of the right arm of the transept opens onto a cloister gallery with seven bays surmounted by part of the old canonical buildings, currently used as a presbytery.

beaune coll ch Notre Dame nave aug11

This collegiate church became a basilica in 1958, a monument to be discovered by day and by night.

The Beaune tourist office on the Collegiale:

A site on Burgudian romanesque churches and on the Collégiale Basilique Notre Dame of Beaune:

The city of Beaune on other things to see in French:

So, therefore, I feel better telling you about this great little church basilica in a wonderful Burgundian town of Beaune. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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