Auto en Seine, Les Mureaux !

Let me update this old post from an off the beaten path town, very well into French aviation/aeronautics, Les Mureaux! Of course, nothing on planes but cars this time. Hope you enjoy it as I

I like cars probably because grew up around NYC/NJ and Daytona Beach, Florida USA and now live in France. So when a car event goes up here I go usually , as time permits. This time there is no exception besides spring is in the air!; and I need to update links and text on this post from 2011!!! Auto en Seine at Les Mureaux!


This event was call Autos en Seine in the town of Les Mureaux, dept Yvelines no 78 west of Paris on your way to Normandy on the A13 autoroute de Normandie exit/sortie 8. Its a town about 39 km (24 miles) from Paris. I believe this was a one time event as never seen it again oh well, one for the memory lane. You can easily get here by train from Paris gare Saint Lazare direction Mantes la Jolie. webpage:

I have written on Les Mureaux before as the town is the site of Aviation historically in France, and it houses today the EADS European Agency for Defense and Space, the equivalent of NASA in Europe. The rockets are only assembled here and they are taken to Guyana in South America for send off to destination.

Of further interest is the Château de Bécheville from the 17C who was visited by the writer Stendhal in 1811, the castle was renovated in the 19C and today it houses the Center of arts and music conservatory of the town.  There is a center for sailing boats Cercle de la Voile de Paris here since 1893 by the Seine river.

And the Church St Pierre St Paul built in 1896. Amongst the best parks is the  parc de l’Oseraie with a nice house from 1876-1879 and the Val de Loisirs du Val de Seine with plenty of games ,activities ,and a lake with boating out to the Seine river.

For those seeking lodging right off the A13 on your way to/from Normandy , you can have this logis de France property ,La Chaumiere  rather nice off the expressway. We have not stayed but visit seeking to pick up friends there after our suggestion and it was nice. Webpage:

For eating I have tried the Le Bonheur de Les Mureaux, Chinese,Thai, Viet cuisine near the train station at 25, Rue Jean-Jaurès. It is closed and now a different Daadi Kitchen resto Pakistanais there. Will keep the old name just for the memories.

And Les Voiles restaurant part of the sailing club area,adjacent to it overlooking the Seine river for a bit more upscale dining rather nice we love it. Webpage:

For a coffee, snack and overlooking the place de la Liberation people watching spot in town tried the Cafe de la Mairie, 2 place de la Libération while walking around. Good local ambiance. And a bit out of town , for hanging out with the astronauts folks and a drink try the Le Week End, 64 route de Verneuil . no webs.

The city of Les Mureaux on its history/heritage in French: http://:

Hope you enjoy the Autos en Seine event and it was nice to catch up with the family and see some wonderful cars. I have catch up with some more of these events in my new hole in the ground and even visited the big one here Le Mans!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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