Quiberon: Chapelle Saint Julien!!!

And here, went out saw my world needed to visit my fav place to see it up close and personal again. True with most businesses closed the trip was blant riding around in the car but just to see this area was thrilling for us. Quiberon is it!! plenty for fun, and of course, many posts on it in my blog, search them. Hope you enjoy this tour and the new pictures!!

In case not reading before, this is the Presqu’île de Quiberon , a peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic ocean and the city of Quiberon sits at the end tip. Of course, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France!

And yes even if came here upteens times there is always something missing in my neck of the woods beautiful Morbihan and my fav Quiberon peninsula. As said, took a more scenic ride this time into some residential areas and found me a nice cutie chapel. I like to tell you a bit about the Chapelle Saint Julien of Quiberon!

The Saint-Julien Chapel is located rue des Goélettes in the village of Saint-Julien. Its origins date back to the 15C. In 1722, it was rebuilt. But the English squadron of the English Admiral Lestok looted and sacked it in 1746. It was rebuilt in its current appearance in 1859.


It served as a parish church throughout the time that Notre Dame de Locmaria Church (see post) in city center was being repaired, around 1900. Later, it has been noted that in 1910 it was abandoned and served as a warehouse for fishermen from the town.

It was threatened with destruction but the villagers restored it in 1928. It is rectangular, surmounted by a stone steeple. Inside you can see classical statues and a large wooden sculpture of Saint Anne. The stained glass windows represent the Crucifixion (1934), the Nativity (1993) and the Miraculous Fishing above the door (2009). A last modern stained glass window in shades of blue embellishes this place.

quiberon chapelle st julien nave altar jan21

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on the Chapelle St Julien in French: https://www.morbihan.com/quiberon/la-chapelle-saint-julien/tabid/12562/offreid/6ca492b4-3243-4e95-9f44-d49bf521c786

The city of Quiberon on its religious heritage including the Chapelle St Julien in French: https://www.ville-quiberon.fr/le-patrimoine/

So, there you go folks a nice little church call a chapel , many many around Bretagne and hope you enjoy it as I did finally find it or rather passing by it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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