Pointe du Conguel and more at Quiberon!

And here, went out saw my world needed to visit my fav place to see it up close and personal again. True with most businesses closed the trip was blant riding around in the car but just to see this area was thrilling for us. Quiberon is it!! plenty for fun, and of course, many posts on it in my blog, search them. Hope you enjoy this tour and the new pictures!!

In case not reading before, this is the Presqu’île de Quiberon , a peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic ocean and the city of Quiberon sits at the end tip. Of course, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France!

And of course, we had to go by the beaches, even if a winter day and with the virus they were empty. We love the area and always come here with the family since first moving in to the area back in 2011. Quiberon has been our favorite ever since. I like to tell you a bit more on the Pointe du Conguel and the Grande plage!!

Pointe du Conguel is located at the tip of the bay of Quiberon; all the way last on the presqu’île de Quiberon or peninsula. It is part of the town of  Quiberon.  Pointe du Conguel is a peninsula about 1 kilometer long and 200 meters wide. It is placed under the protection of the Conservatoire du Littoral. A path allows you to go around this natural site.

quiberon plage conguel jan21

The Pointe du Conguel is originally an island, formed by rocks linked together by accumulated sand. This island is connected to the mainland by a tombolo 300 meters long. Two islets extend the point: Toul Bihan, accessible on foot at high tides, and Toul Bras, where Gallic burials were discovered. Further offshore is the Teignouse lighthouse, which marks the passage de la Teignouse, near which the Courbet France class battleship sank on 22 August 1922 at 3h15 (am) , gutted by a rock; the wreck is located 0.5 mile to the southeast of the Teignouse lighthouse.

quiberon plage aerodrome conguel by camping jan21

The best part here is the views over the end of the land and into the Atlantic ocean! Also, the beaches are fine sand and beautiful in Summers! We love it, see my other many posts on Quiberon and especially on this area of the Pointe du Conguel or tip of Conguel.

quiberon conguel and house sea jan21

The more visible area because it is where visitors arrive and more crowded but with restos, hotels , bars and a great beach promenade as well as the best beach in the area, the Grande plage! I have many post on the beach too so will just leave the latest pictures. I had a good view of the Château Turpault far on 1st pic!!!

quiberon conguel to grand plage and chateau turpault jan21

quiberon grand plage closeup jan21

The conservatoire du Littoral on the pointe du Conguel in French: http://www.conservatoire-du-littoral.fr/siteLittoral/523/28-pointe-du-conguel-56_morbihan.htm

My fav beach webpage, plages tv on the beaches around the Pointe du Conguel: https://en.plages.tv/detail/conguel-beach-quiberon-56170

My fav beach webpage, plages tv on the Grande Plagehttps://en.plages.tv/detail/grande-plage-quiberon-56170

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on things to see in Quiberonhttps://www.baiedequiberon.co.uk/must-see-sites-in-Quiberon

Again, so much to see here and enjoy with the whole family, couples, singles, others, the works. I have so much written in my blog I am afraid to repeat so will leave like this and the new pictures. Hope you enjoy the Quiberon posts as I did writing it and thanks for reading me!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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