Paris and then there is Alma !!!

Let me go back to my eternal Paris and update this older post in my blog from 2017 with some same pictures. I have found many memorable moments doing these sequence of updates and has been much fun for me. So many posts on Paris but then again, never tired of it, love it. I had a much useful time in Paris on my last visit this past week, actually I think I walked a lot lol!

I came in as usual thru my Gare Montparnasse , and quickly moved by metro to the Place de l’Alma, then walked all over by its bridge and then the avenue des Champs-Elysées and of course the Arc de Triomphe areas. This is a bit of that walking trip of glorious Paris, the one you never get tired of visiting even if lucky enough to live in France

First, who does not come to Paris and not visit the avenue des Champs-Elysées (see post), even with all it’s tourist hordes all over ,it is still a wonder to see and feel and locals like it too.  However, I won’t tell nothing new, rather you taste it try it and see it, there is something for everybody there.


Moving on away from it you can cut across avenue Marceau or ave George V to reach the wonderful Pont de l’Alma and its square of Place de l’Alma  . A magical place and bridge love by all locals and visitors alike.  The bridge is recent, built in 1969 to 1973 , and 143 meters long by 42 meters wide with an old soldier Zouave to keep an eye on the rises of the Seine river flood prevention. This bridge replaces one done in 1854 and it now links the Place de l’Alma on the rive droite or right bank to the Quai Branly on the rive gauche or left bank. There is a half size flame of the statue of liberty there and by it the memorial to Lady Diana.



You will see the controversial Russain Orthodox Church been build on the quai Branly with Russian money and some says Putin’s money. The avenue Marceau is a wonderful street leading from the Place de l’Alma to the Arc de Triomphe passing by the Embassy of Spain, the Institut Cervantes, and the Yves-Saint-Laurent foundation Pierre Bergé amongst the notable buildings here.


I stop by here to have my lunch at the simple but chic  Berts right next Alma-Marceau metro line 9 exit off the Avenue du Président Wilson. The Berts is a French chain of fast food restaurants proposing sandwiches and pastries etc à la Française of course. Webpage:


Right by here, you see the entrance to the Sewers tour of Paris, well not my cup of tea to visit sewers but it is popular, the Egouts de Paris. Passing the Place de l’Alma, further down on Avenue de New York, you can visit my old haunts visited many times the American Center of the Mona Bismarck Foundation. An American  contemporary arts center and exhibition place.  And see right across it the Bridge or Passarelle Debilly created for the Universal Exposition of 1900. And of course, the big Tour Eiffel across it.

The Mona Bismarck was for many years the home of many American organisations in Paris some of which I belong, and now it is totally dedicated to showcasing the American arts to the French public and of course all visitors to Paris.  Now call the American Center for Art & Culture (see post)

The Paris tourist office on the pont de l’Alma:

The Paris tourist office on the Arc de Triomphe:

The Paris tourist office on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées:

You come in to see Paris, but rather Paris see you, there is much more to Paris than a blog or a post. Paris is a moveable feast you never stop loving it once bitten.

Hope you enjoy the short post on a grand city of our world, Paris. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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  1. I thought I knew this area well, but you managed to surprise me with the Mona Bismarck centre which I didn’t know, I will have to check it out someday.

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