Curiosities of Quiberon!!!

And here, went out saw my world needed to visit my fav place to see it up close and personal again. True with most businesses closed the trip was blant riding around in the car but just to see this area was thrilling for us. Quiberon is it!! plenty for fun, and of course, many posts on it in my blog, search them. Hope you enjoy this tour and the new pictures!!

In case not reading before, this is the Presqu’île de Quiberon , a peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic ocean and the city of Quiberon sits at the end tip. Of course, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France!

I took a more scenic route this time going just past the marvelous Port Harliguen and just past the aérodrome airfield of Quiberon just before reaching the Pointe du Conguel.  So, this aérodrome is use for light planes, tourist tours, helicopters, and parachutes. The field goes back to 1917  but the aérodrome started out in 1955. As an anecdote; in the 1960s, Louison Bobet, triple winner of the Tour de France and world champion in cycling, decided to create a modern thalassotherapy center in Quiberon. In the early 1970s, he created his own airline, named Thalass Air, to transport spa visitors between Paris-Le Bourget airport and Quiberon aérodrome. This ceased by 1979. The thalassotherapy is now the Sofitel complex right on bd Louison Bobet. Mr Bobet died in 1983 in Biarritz.

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on the aérodrome of Quiberon:

quiberon aerodrome front jan21

Right, almost next to the above is a four stars camping Le Conguel . 10 meters from the beach, Le Conguel camping is really nice modern facilities but living so close we have not tested it yet, we will thus once possible. From here you can discover the treasures of Morbihan! webpage:

quiberon camping conguel jan21

Then, facing the sea, you have a wonderful Kasino with a K and not a C as it is a private group of 6 kasinos, and not part of the other big group. The one here is very cosy, nice friendly and with gorgeous views of the Atlantic ocean. You have the usual electronic games, boule, slot machines, and black jack. For lately, retire gamer, the best is the restaurant and bar again great friendly service and the views are to kill for it. The webpage of this kasino of Quiberon:

quiberon kasino side to grand plage jan21

And just for the memories, we found out that one of our favorite restaurant near the Grande Plage or big beach, la Cabana resto has closed, probably due to the virus. The new place not tasted yet is the Voglia Italian Restaurant which now sits empty. I have a couple entries in my blog just updated on this sad news.

There is a train station here lol! TER Bretagne and runs in Summer with the usual Tire Bouchon from Auray, very popular. The rest of the time there is bus line 1 from Auray to do the trick. It is a picturesque building and it was my first introduction to the city parking along side of it. This time took the picture from the back tracks! The TER Bretagne webpage:

quiberon gare back tracks jan21

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on things to see in Quiberon

So, there you go folks, a nice new ride into my old hangout. Looking for 2021 to be better for all of us, and we can get back into our love for travels. For now, I will escavanger nearby for places to show you of my beautiful Morbihan department 56 of Bretagne. Enjoy the Quiberon as we do always!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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