The trip: Poland and Brazil, Europe and America!

Now this was a round trip ! times were tight and needed to make the run Poland to Brazil and back to France! I like to update this post from 2017 in my blog with updated links and text same pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

To say the least, it has been my worse logistically incredible trip ever. To say, been traveling for over 40 years since very young, and to all kinds of continents and countries, cities etc.  This one tops it all. Ok, I have read of others similar situations and maybe mine is not too bad after all, but for me, individual experience it was horrible.

The going was easy, my father took me to the train station in Auray and took there the TER train to Nantes changing trains in Redon for Nantes. At the train station of Nantes took the navette airport bus to the airport of Nantes.  This service I have to say taken it many times and it is wonderful at only 8,50€ the transfer (now is 9€). Arriving a day earlier to catch my very early flight to Krakow, Poland, I stayed in a familiar hotel the Escales Oceania hotel at Nantes airport ,very good deal and done it before nice place. It just across from airport nice easy walking.


At Nantes Atlantique airport (NTE) took an Air France flight to Roissy CDG (Paris). The connection at CDG was done ok,and took my flight on Easyjet to Krakow Poland; all ok. This taking the easy CDGVAL train that goes from T1 to T3 at CDG and parking spaces as Roissypole train/bus  hub. Once in Krakow took a taxi to my hotel the Sheraton Grand Krakow.(part of the Marriott group)

For reference the Krakow airport

And the Sheraton Grand Hotel Krakow


As needed to go on towards Brazil, the flight at Krakow on an  Easyjet flight back to Roissy CDG ok. Then, took the LATAM airline flight to Sao Paulo airport at Guarulhos in Brazil. All ok so far.

The rides in familiar territory like Sao Paulo State was wonderful and the visit to some old and new places great again in pretty Brazil in country better indeed. The people,the food ,the natural sites are wonderful and even a lake beach; very popular with locals. I did venture again into the Minas Gerais State as well and the same wonderful experiences in old territories. See my many posts in the blog.

The problem was on the return home from Brazil.  I was to take a flight on LATAM from Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport to Roissy CDG (Paris) at 22h35 or 10:35 pm. This flight for operational reasons not well explained was postponed to leaving from 03h00 or 3am!!! I needed to wait at the Sao Paulo airport for 6 hrs!! too long for my tastes.

As this initial flight was delayed operationally as said, all other flights had to be postponed as well. I arrive at Roissy CDG airport at Saturday 19h10 or 7:10 pm; here had change of flights from the original leaving of 17h to one leaving at 21h35 or 9:35pm arriving at Nantes on Air France by 22h45 or 10:45pm.

A car rental on Europcar was to be waited for me with the keys at the train station of Nantes Mercure centre gare hotel as the normal hours of Europcar closed at 18h15!! A great service for a train station car rental agency!!! The hotel is next door literally attach to the train station!

Once all the paperwork was done with my travel agency.  Still at the Roissy CDG airport trying to get the flight to Nantes I received a call from an Europcar agent that they did not received a copy of my driving license for the car , therefore, could not be protected!!! Apparently, my travel agency did not confirm the copy of my driving license was sent or Europcar decided to rent out the car more profitably to someone else!!!

At that time, already almost 23h or 11 pm, calling the night service of my travel agency FMC, got a hold of an agent who told me all cars were taken as it was the Ascension weekend in France as well as Sunday been Mother’s Day here!!! (Sunday May 28th) lol!  The very same scenario tried to beat out on my taken earlier flights!

I took upon myself to stayed the night in Nantes and asked for a train ride back home on Sunday! So I booked myself the Hotel du Grand Monarque in Nantes right across from the Church of Saint Clément. Written several post on Nantes and its monument on my blog.

I took the hotel because saw it quant and small cozy in a nice good ambiance street of rue Maréchal Joffre. However it has not AC, no elevators/lifts and the room available was in the 4th floor which actually was the attic of the hotel! small don’t ask!!! Not recommended! The hotel has change ownership and is now the Hotel The Originals du Grand Monarque; webpage:

At least, I had time in the morning to go for lunch to my fix hub across the train station of Nantes in the Café des Plantes for a nice Andouille steak, café gourmand and nice cold grimbergen blonde beer. This is a busy place at lunch always but never a problem sitting down for lunch, see my post: and as many are closed now due to the virus the webpage is not working well, give you their Facebook page:


My return home was finally booked at the next available train Sunday 15h20 or 3:20pm from the train station of Nantes to Auray where again my old reliable father was waiting with my oldest son. I arrive at Auray at 16h44 and home by 17h30 Sunday May 28th!!! Mother’s Day restaurant had to wait for Monday….!

So there you have the adventures of  pedmar10 one of a kind for me; as the consolation, there is always a first lol!!! And then more! Enjoy the trip me tomorrow back to work ; but then another 3 day weekend forthcoming…..on my belle France!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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