Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz Año Nuevo , Feliz Ano Novo 2021!!!

Many good well wishes for 2021.  It cannot be worse than 2020 so may all your hopes and dreams come true in good health. We stay home as in the last wishing you all a very very Happy New Year and best wishes to all.

plu champagne Pommery brut reims jan21

With the current virus situation is not really worth going out as most is closed or confine to a few people with reservations so we again stay home. Nevertheless, the last few years, we had decided to stay home and watch TV with my boys and Dad. We are very far family, the closest is about 8 hrs drive away.

Another year goes by, and I continue working from home with full pay until March 2021 when I can ask for my retirement early with agreement with my firm. The sensations are weird, glad to finally make it and spent more time at home ,but also sad that my travels will be cut in half as no more business trips to far away lands. I will continue doing some consulting work with a couple of outfits from Paris but these will be mostly in France. Maybe lucky some outings in Europe.

My father has become sick too and need to take care of him, gladly my boys help a lot. He is 85 years old and lost some motoring skills already with diabetes is more complicated. Luckily we have nurses coming home every day and the basic needs are walking distance from the house including pharmacy ,doctors, shopping etc.

It is sadly, the end of the road and other than some updates/revisions I am already doing the posts in my blog will be less eventually by next March. I will try to remain active in WordPress thus and just sign up for another year.

Of course, on a more personal level on trips, we will be passing by my belle France more into other regions and for sure Spain. The family is kept abreast by social media and whatsapps modes, is the modern way of family gathering!

Therefore, wishing you the best and do keep in touch. I thank you very much for reading my blog, Paris1972-Versailles2003  has been uplifting and deeply appreciate all comments over the years since 26 November 2010! There has been some old virtual friends gone and some new ones I see, all welcome and glad you made my day in time. I won’t be leaving just giving way upfront notice the posts will be less from March 2021.

Some statistics , WordPress give us and I look at it every year at least. Again thank you all possible thanks to you all.

In 2020, I had records all over!!! first  50 911 views,  26 826 visits, 20 948 likes! and 843 comments. I had written 1 085 posts! Also, the most! And have so far 1 102 followers which has gone beyond my wildest expectations! Thank you again

My Top 10 articles view for 2020 were:(and many were surprises)

The Somport Tunnel

Look back at the Palais des Tuileries

Lagos, Nigeria

Some streets of Versailles

The wines of Brittany/Bretagne

Lacanau-Océan, Médoc

The Bahamas

The Ladies of Versailles Adelaide and Victoire

Francis I gallery of Fontainebleau

Top 10 countries followers were:











My top search engines were: WordPress reader, Google search, Bing, Yahoo search, WordPress Android ,Baidu, duckduckgo, and Facebook.

There you go for you, fully transparent as always. Hope you have enjoy the travel posts done with care and love to share with all and maybe helpful in your trips. Thank you my followers and follows to share with me your adventures , it has been a pleasure.

Take care, best of luck, best wishes, stay safe ! AND REMEMBER, HAPPY TRAVELS, GOOD HEALTH, AND MANY CHEERS TO ALL!!!!

6 Comments to “Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz Año Nuevo , Feliz Ano Novo 2021!!!”

  1. Bonne Année et Bonne Santé (avec majuscules).

    Good to see Belgium in 5th position. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for all your dedication, wishing you a Happy New Year 2021!!

    Liked by 2 people

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