Vannes ,getting around town again !!!

This is my ongoing quest to update revise new old pictures of my older posts in my blog. I have come to realise the many nice folks who have “like” me in the past and now have disappeared from the radar. I won’t forget your kindness to stopped by my blog; thank you very much.

This is to update on my capital city of Vannes, so many posts and by now all memorable visits with the family and worked just outside. Vannes is one bright spot in our lives. Hope you enjoy the update on my Vannes!

Ok so just a cool day ,it seems Fall is here and now we get 16C or about 62F and tomorrow rain announced. My father was visited in the hospital this morning and now ok to go out Monday so that is good news and doing just great; my son will get him at the hospital. I am on my way to Dublin and need to get up at 3h or 3am to get to the airport at Rennes! of course, will be in Dublin before midday tomorrow!!! see post.

Here in Vannes we had a normal day. First, the post office to send out those letters; then the bank to drop off the slip my sons got their new credit cards, and then we headed for Vannes giving time to visit my father in the CHBA hospital.

All around the Le Port or pleasure marina harbor today there were music group presentation and exhibition of local crafts, very lively indeed. The harbor or Le Port is the heart of all that is going on here. More here:


We parked on the other side of the canal by rue du commerce , for free, right by the canal that leads into the harbor and the out into the Gulf of Morbihan. A great fantastic medium of relaxations, boats, people, and just plain fun.

We had our apero lunch at le P’tit Belon (previous from early in the 20C it was called the Café de Manu) oyster bar right behind the covered fish market, Halles aux Poissons, (see post) and on a market day like today even better. The market covers many streets but primarily the squares of place des lices and place du poids public.  Here we had our Fischer beers (2)(Alsace), saussison sec bellota ham , 6 oysters, and sandwiches of bellota hams and cheese all for about 8€ per person.  3 place de la Poissonnerie. Facebook page:

On our way out near the Porte Saint Vincent coming out into the place Gambetta you have the bakery Saveurs du Port, delicious sweets and even better breads of chorizo, lardon, and champagne tradition as well as the usual baguette. We grab them all! and will be part of our dinner tonite! webpage:


Finally, to end our day in Vannes, we did our groceries or courses at the Carrefour hypermarket near the road N165. And we saw an interesting wallpicture of the Chateau de l’Hermine of such fame here, the original is right by the ramparts. Doing groceries is not my cup of tea and insist on doing it fast, not an easy task with so many individuals in the family but that is part of the fun of shopping together. Carrefour is nice indeed at least in Vannes. It has several stores and restaurants inside for a mini shopping center as well. webpage:

And now it’s time to pack and have some dinner snacks , get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday in Dublin (see posts). More to come , enjoy it; have a great Sunday and back writing again, smile on my face! Thanks to all well wishes for my father, really appreciated.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I remember visiting Vannes, arriving late, I hadn’t found a decent room and spent the night in the car parked at the port. All night long the shrouds were clicking against the masts, that’s to say that the port and the city are very intertwined.

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