Any excuse to visit Vannes is good!!!

Well here I am back with a funny title due to my immence creativity lol! And getting these old posts to new life in my black and white series. The pictures are in the individual posts on the sights. Hope you enjoy the narrative and ideas for a visit to my capital city of Vannes!

Well I worked here, and its always hard to come to enjoy the city you have worked for almost 9 years as I am in my pre retirement arrangement ,there and not there,the French way! Vannes, capital of the Morbihan and the only city we can call it here. It has everything and today it was packed.

We started taking the boys to the movies on the matinee at Cinéville to see Transformer 4, something like that…hehehe it was a good movie for them so I was happy. I have mentioned this cinema several times in my posts on Vannes. It is around the area of Atlanville with plenty of shops and restaurants.

Then we tried a new restaurant we have seen by Avranches first and now nearer to us. We went to have lunch at the La Pataterie resto , ZAC Parc Lann, Rue Gay-Lussac,(it has since closed) near the Decathlon store; this is a restaurant where the entire menu is around the Potato!!! We had the breton potato, with clam chowder sauce and cocktail shrimps for a special 10€! and a potato with bacon and hams, glass of red wine, and coffees for less than 16 euros per person. Ok we took the bottom offers as most were overprice me think. No wonder the Vannes and Avranches properties are closed. For reference the chain is here:

We took our usual ride in Vannes with the family; one nice place I recommended friends and have collègues stayed so know well but never stayed myself is the Maison de la Garenne, a bed and breakfast in a historical old mansion overlooking the ramparts and gardens of the Garenne.

We headed quickly to nearby Muzillac to see a garden shop my dear wife wanted to see. The Jardinerie Bloino , so we got our paille to put in soil and avoid grass to grow, something like that I am nulle on gardens things.  Sadly the garden shop has closed and is now a Jardiland chain. And my wife has passed away from cancer since our visit here.

Good idea to see wonderful opera and theater shows evenings at the wonderful Théatre Anne de Bretagne, place de Bretagne. I have been here for meetings and conventions on a business mode. Over the years he has become Scénes du Golfe with a variety of events. It has now two halls for showings, the salle Lesage with 800 seats and the salle Ropartz with 300 seats. As well as the newer hall ,the Salle 112 with 112 seats. For reference the webpage:

I will put this hotel here, with pictures; we went by and i have been taking collegues visiting our office here in Vannes. I have used their properties at the Nantes Atlantique airport and they are very good. This is the Escale Oceania Hotel .  This is just by the theater above and right at the entrance to the city center, you have private parking and public Centre parking next to it. Webpage:



We end up the evening with dinner at Les Oliviers , 60, ave de Verdun, near the train station of Vannes. And have a photo for them not elsewhere!  Today they only open in the evening from 19h30 the rest of the week is open for lunch as well.  The new hours today are Monday to Friday 12h to 14h and Friday and Saturday from 19h to 21h. This time the gang join us for a family affair in one of the better restaurants in the city. My boss took me here once and now the family. The cooking here is market fresh and with gastronomic taste so refine and local reservation is a must, small restaurant, tops produce. Changes daily, today was lamb with ceboulette and bacon, creme brulée caramel, with a wonderful loire red wine; the menus are from 23€, do not hesitate to eat here when in the area. webpage:


There you go I feel better updating this wonderful post of great souvenirs/memories for us. Hoping it brings you over, this is a wonderful town of Vannes and the above is tops.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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