Cathédrale Saint Pierre, Vannes!!!

I need to update this post from 2016,and yes I have newer post on this monument. However, for its architecture, history and religious value to the local folks I need to tell the world again of it. The Cathédrale Saint Pierre of our capital city of Vannes is awesome! A must to visit.

The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Vannes is a wonderful building right in the middle of the old town with wooden houses going back to the 14C originals!


I walk by it every so often, several times a week, and always amazed of it’s history and impressive architecture in the right spot.  Many towns have wonderful Churches, Basilicas, and Cathedrals ;usually they are laid out in a square with spaces around them. Not so, Vannes, the Cathedral is right in the town on a street really call place St Pierre attached by houses and shops all around it  in a medieval setting.

The St Peter’s Cathedral of romanesque in origins but later gothic as we see today in the middle ages had many tombs, in fact ,they made up the floor. Later for reason of hygiene, only the bishops from the 17C were kept in. In the 15C , it was visited by Saint Vincent (Vicente Ferrier a Dominican monk from Valencia Spain) ; his tomb is in the Cathedral on the left side on the Tour Renaissance.


If you walk on the right side  the first Chapel will be of the Baptismal rites, since 1856.  Next is the Chapel of Sainte Anne, the patron Saint of the Bretons (according to the Bible, mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus). The golden statue of the Virgin is from the 18C.  Next you find the Chapel of the Rosary or Sacred Heart; mainly to celebrate the honoring of the Sacred Heart here since 1757. Then, you have the Chapel of Bienheureux Pierre René Rogue; a priest guillotine in 1796 for defending the faith and a native of Vannes. His remains were brought here in 1936. Behind the altar you have the Chapel of Saint Gwenâel, a 6C monk native of Vannes.



You come to the Altar finished in 1777. In the southern transept you have the Chapel Notre Dame de Lourdes on the old entrance of the Dukes of Brittany when coming to the Cathedral. The deambulatory is big due to the huge crowds coming to venerated Saint Vincent here, and you arrive at the Chapel of the Great Sacrament and Notre Dame de Pitié ; in reality two small chapels, one shown a figure of a pieta shows a stained glass fo the efforts of the USA in WWI. The second on the Notre Dame it is from 1637.


Coming now around on the left side you see the Chapel of Notre Dame de Miséricorde (old Chapel of St Yves). The Vannetais locals love to come to pray here, you will see a small boat in honor of St Yves ,the defender of the liberty of the churches of Brittany found in all of them. You come to the Tour Renaissance and the tomb of Vincent Ferrier (Saint Vincent); marble from 1648 and the remains of the monk Saint brought here in 1956. In the transept north you have the Chapel of St Antony of Padua, the statue of the Saint is from 1195-1231. On the Chapel of Saint Louis were deposited the remains of the immigrant bretons killed in 1795 ,trying to free Brittany from the French revolution. The Altar in the Chapel is dedicated to Saint Louis with flanking statues of Joanne of Arc of 1925, and Ste Theresa of Lisieux of 1956. The entry is the Chapel of Saint Mériadec and Saint Patern. Saint Patern was the first Bishop of Vannes end of 5C and Saint Mériadec his successor in about 666.



The organ is from the 18C , the buffet is in sculptured wood from 1740; and great concerts are done today on Thursdays evenings,usually by 20h45. The tour 13C is the oldest romanesque parts of the Cathedral and hold the 4 bells. The old  Capilary chapel holds the treasures underneath the sacristy with over 150 beautiful pièces of religious arts from 12C to 18C.


The Cathedral parrish Catholic page in French:

The city of Vannes with photos of the St Peter’s Cathedral:

This is a must to see while in Vannes, and I never get tired of seeing. Enjoy the visit to a wonderful Cathédrale Saint Pierre! Worth the re write!!

And remember, happy travels good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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