Saint Malo:Cathedral Saint Vincent,part II!

So bringing you back to something already written plenty in my blog but now with new pictures. This is the very nice intra muros or enclosed city Cathedral Saint Vincent of Saint Malo.


I will cut short the history etc as like said plenty on it already if you search in my blog.

The Cathedral Saint Vincent is dedicated to Saint Vincent of Zaragoza, it mixes the Romanesque and Gothic styles and has been the seat of the former bishopric of Saint-Malo since 1146. In 2019, for reasons of safety and deterioration, three new bells have taken place in inside the bell tower of the cathedral.  It has been the seat of the former bishopric of Saint-Malo since 1146. The latter was abolished by the Concordat of 1801(agreement after the French revolution), and its territory divided between the dioceses of Rennes, Saint-Brieuc and Vannes.


The Cathedral Saint Vincent was built on the site of an old 7C church, raised in the 9C and dedicated to Saint-Vincent-de-Zaragoza. From this period remain: part of the cloister, the nave, the crossing of the transept and a span of each of the north and south arms. The choir, slightly off-center, was rebuilt around the middle of the 13C in the Norman Gothic style. The bell tower, started in the 12C, was raised in 1422. The south aisle also dates from the 15C. At the same time, the choir also expands with three new northern chapels. From 1583 to 1607, the north aisle, now called the Saint-Côme wing, was completely redone. In the 18C, the south chapel was built in 1718, and the bell tower was raised. The most important works of this century consisted in the reconstruction of the facade.


The construction of the spire, the crowning cross of which had been placed in 1860, still dated from the 19C. The latter, destroyed by the bombardments of 1944, was rebuilt in 1987. The stained glass windows on the aisles are by Max Ingrand, those of the choir and of the transept were made in 1971 by Jean Le Moal.  Latin cross plan, ribbed vaults for the chancel and the south aisle, groin vaults for the north aisle, modern roof paneling for the south chapel, middle bell tower, south facade with multiple gables, apse dish.


It contains magnificent figurative stained glass windows that illustrate moments in the religious history of Saint-Malo. The chapels of the north ambulatory of the choir are the refuge of the current graves of Jacques Cartier – whose burial was discovered in the cathedral in 1949 ; and of René Duguay-Trouin, whose remains were found in 1973 in the Saint-Roch Church in Paris and repatriated to Saint-Malo during the tercentenary of his birth. There are several statues , including that of the Virgin and Child, and , outside, the remains of an old Roman cloister.


The official Cathedral Saint Vincent webpage:

The tourist office of Saint Malo on the Cathedral

This after all the sightseeing in intra muros Saint Malo is a must to see before leaving. The area around it and especially back of it is gorgeous and quant old world ambiance.

I hope you enjoy the post as we did seeing this marvel of my lovely Bretagne and beautiful Saint Malo.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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