Saint Malo: Casino Barriére!

Ok so now we move in to the for me night time activities. The best time to visit a casino. Oh yes you do not have to play out your wallet in them, just set up an amount and done with it. However, you can enjoy the views, the ambiance, the restos;bars and just plain dancing fun all the time. For the advance players you can even stay next on the Palais du Grand Large.


Oh yes this is the Casino Barriére of Saint Malo.


This is very nice because it is walking distance from the intra muros fun area and overlooking the Sillon beach , just wonderful.

It is in an iodized atmosphere and a liner decor that the Casino Barrière de Saint Malo welcomes you from Monday to Sunday to entertain you. You will find 125 slot machines, Ball, Roulette and Blackjack. A wide range of activities are offered there each week, such as dinner shows, concerts by artists from the French and international scene, open-air dinners or buffets.


A valid ID card and proper attire are required. The establishment offers a pizzeria ‘La Fortuna’, open from 12h to 14h and from 19h to 22h where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea, ramparts and islands.

You will also find the bar / snack ‘Café des Sports’ placed next to the slot machines, where you can sip cocktails, whiskeys, digestives or aperitifs, always in moderation! It is open every day from 10h to 01h.

The official casino barriére de Saint Malo:

The tourist office of Saint Malo on the casino barriére

I enjoy walking by it and reminicent of my casino days when I was a player back in AC NJ! those were the days single and hungry and with extra money! Now they are just for the memories and the good fun of stopping by for a show or good food. Hope you enjoy it while in Saint Malo

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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