Saint Malo: The former Church of Saint Sauveur

And here I am still in Saint Malo folks; lovely corsair town by the sea with plenty of things to see and especially do! Each time there are new marvels or in depth discoveries. This time with the boys and my dog Rex was no exception.

Let me tell you a bit more on the former Church of Saint Sauveur of Saint Malo. The former Church of Saint Sauveur, 8 rue Saint-Sauveur ; aka Chapelle de l’Hôtel-Dieu  dates from 1744. Walking this wonderful city you can discover many nice things as walking is always best in town, see more. We love to do this once in town, and one of the nice things to see was encountering this old church, now a cultural center.


The Hôtel-Dieu was built in 1607 , and then destroyed. Its chapel dedicated to Saint Sauveur was rebuilt between 1738 and 1744. Burned down in the 1944 bombings (WWII), the chapel has undergone major restorations, it was reopened in 1974 to house the temporary exhibitions of the municipal museum.


The plans were done on the basis of an older chapel from the 17C. Initially, it was attached to the Saint-Malo hospital, the Hôtel-Dieu, of which it closed one side of the courtyard. The chapel has nevertheless been skillfully restored and is now used to host numerous cultural events, in particular concerts or major exhibitions.


The hospital buildings (Hôtel-Dieu) were therefore replaced by two residential blocks, but it was here at the corner of rue Saint Sauveur and rue du Connétable that the first stone was laid for the reconstruction of the center of Saint-Malo. A commemorative plaque is affixed to the wall.

You have the cultural agenda for the rest of the summer in Saint Malo here in calomeo file:

And there you folks, an interesting historical monument tuck away from the main intra muros sights in lovely Saint Malo. Enjoy as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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