Plumergat: Church Saint Thuriau!

So here I am on my road warrior days in the Morbihan. My dept 56 doing all kinds of trips all over wearing mask of course but all out. The views on the roads are wonderful and all is very close to home. So let me bring out these beauties in more details and with new pictures. Hope you enjoy my routing on these wonderful monuments of my Bretagne!

I like to tell you more on the Church of Saint Thuriau in Plumergat.

plumergat ch Saint Thuriau belltower front aug20

Plumergat  is only about 10 km from Auray and 25 km from Vannes. It is surrounded by the towns of Pluvigner, Brandivy, Grand Champ, Brech, Plescop, Pluneret, and Sainte-Anne d’Auray. Therefore, only about 11 km from me ,but believe hardly ever passed by here unless today in my road warrior trips!

There are nice things to see and big for this small town. However, on this post I will tell you about the Church of Saint Thuriau.

The Church of Saint-Thuriau  is dedicated to Saint Turiau, Bishop of Dol-de-Bretagne in the 7C. The Church of Saint Thuriau forms with the two neighboring Gothic chapels (St. Servais, from the 17C, and the Trinity, from the 15-17C, side by side on each side of the rue Donias, in the axis of the choir; see later post), a picturesque ensemble that has earned Plumergat the nickname of the town of the three steeples. The church is located on a former druidic site. The church, built from the 11C, has undergone many readjustments to the present day. The bell tower-porch is built in the 14C. The exterior walls were redone in the 17C, retaining provisions close enough to the Romanesque edifice. The interior was restored in 1834, the porch tower in 1859, and the entire church between 1939 and 1948. There are 12C capitals of the Church.

Plumergat ch Saint Thuriau altar aug20

plumergat ch Saint Thuriau nave to altar aug20

The Church of Saint Thuriau  is shaped like a Latin cross with a blind flat bedside. The 14C porch tower, massive and flanked by two thick buttresses in biases, is crowned with a bulbous Bell Tower. The Romanesque nave with three four-span naves overlooks the aisles with double-roller full-hanger arches. They fall back on single-imposed square stacks of two columns engaged in capitals. These are engraved with stylized vegetal motifs, masks, heads of nails, cables, palmettos.etc..  The nave and the aisle were originally covered with a frame. They were vaulted in the later readjustments of a cradle with double arches resting on consoles atop the wall, more classical than Romanesque. At the back of the choir stands a polychrome wooden altarpiece topped with a Madonna and Child of the 14-15C.

Plumergat ch Saint Thuriau chapel of the Virgin right aug20

Plumergat ch Saint Thuriau chapel of St Thuriau and Child aug20

The city of Plumergat on its heritage: City of Plumergat on its heritage

A curious stone looking at you while you enter the Church of Saint Thuriau! yes they have deposit here a gaulish stone from the 1C to 4C antiquity and all for you to look and touch! The Stéle Gauloise de Plumergat! Here is my picture.


And there you go folks, another roundabout of beauties in my neck of the woods. Always something to see in my lovely Bretagne, just need more time!!! Stay tune there is more, oh yes my Morbihan! Hope you enjoy the post and the series.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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