Plumergat: Chapels Trinity and St Servais!

So here I am on my road warrior days in the Morbihan. My dept 56 doing all kinds of trips all over wearing mask of course but all out. The views on the roads are wonderful and all is very close to home. So let me bring out these beauties in more details and with new pictures. Hope you enjoy my routing on these wonderful monuments of my Bretagne!

I like to tell you more on the Chapels of the Trinity or St Servais. These are the Chapelle de la Trinité and the Chapelle de Saint Servais both in Plumergat.

Plumergat is one of the primitive parishes in Bretagne created around the 6C, during the immigration of Bretons from the Isles of Britain (present-day Great Britain) to Armorica (present-day Bretagne). Christianity has left its mark on the town which still has 11 churches and chapels. It is also nicknamed “the village of the 3 bell towers”, in reference to the three religious buildings located there.

Dating from the 15C, the Chapel of the Trinity is a fine example of the flamboyant style. Its drip edges and sand pits abound with sculptures with various motifs: animals, sometimes in strange poses or playing bagpipes, fantastic characters and monsters. A rood screen used to separate the choir from the nave. Lords and clergy had the right to enter the choir, the sacred part, while the people remained in the nave. We see Saint Roch, a golden Virgin of the 19C, a Pietà, and two bishops in the choir.

plumergat chapelle de la trinité front aug20

Plumergat chapelle de la trinité altar aug20

The Chapel of the Trinity is located near the Church of Saint-Thuriau (see post) . It is with a polygonal choir with three sides, surmounted by triangular pediments in the Beaumanoir style. Larmiers and sand pits with many varied sculptures. A communion barrier dated 1640. Many statues such as Saint Vincent Ferrier; Saint Joseph ; and Saint Augustine from the 19C, etc.

Plumergat chapelle de la Trinité nave to altar aug20

plumergat chapelle de la trinité back wall aug20

More on the tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on the Chapel of the TrinityTourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on the Chapel of the Trinity

The Chapelle Saint-Servais chapel is located at rue des Sabotiers, located immediately south of the Chapel of the Trinity, and immediately east of Saint-Thuriau Church. The chapel was built in 1610 and dedicated to Servais de Tongres, protector of sailors. It owes its construction to the will of a peasant from the village who made several pilgrimages to the saint’s tomb in Maastricht. The chapel was built entirely in granite, according to a rectangular plan. Corner buttresses support the structure. A single nave occupies the interior space. A square steeple with spire, pilasters and pinnacles caps the western gable. A stone bench surrounds the exterior. The frame has crocodile-headed ties and a sandpit dating from 1610.

Plumergat chapelle Saint-Servais front aug20

The tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on Plumergat ,the town of the 3 bell towers: Tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on the town of the 3 bell towers

And there you go folks, another roundabout of beauties in my neck of the woods. Always something to see in my lovely Bretagne, just need more time!!! Oh yes my Morbihan! Hope you have enjoyed the post and the series.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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