Honfleur: My souvenirs!

And I come to you with Honfleur, right off the bat is the second most visited site in Normandy, you know the no 1. It is in the Calvados dept 14 right on the water and water is its life. I like water, the seas grew up with my backyard the Gulf of Mexico and Strait of Florida even if now still close to the sea in my Morbihan breton. Honfleur is special.

I have ,of course, several posts on it already ,and this is the first of a series of many posts on it, again. Since almost 25 years ago stop by on my road warrior trips from Rouen because there was a Mariners festival here. Well it has been going on for over 165 years this Fête des  Marins. My mother love it as they take a Virgin ND in a boat out to sea and a bishop blessed it at sea with a lineup of fishing and pleasure boats that follow it. We came back, again and again.

My dear mother Gladys passed away sadly in 2007 and her ashes are here at sea. We will all go here as our end. It so happened that another sad moment in my life took place in 2018 when my dear wife Martine passed away and her wishes were to put her ashes at sea here, and they are here. My father is with me, he just became 85 and he will go here too. My sons knows that they will have to putme here too. Sorry for the sad part but the blog is part of my history too, and its not all fun and travels. Honfleur is special.

I have crissed crossed it all on foot, hills cobblestone streets whatever does not matter I have been by it. We all special places, I have mine too, but Honfleur is No 1; we will be back again.


We rented an apartment right up rue du Puits off Place Sainte Catherine right in the old section , so we can walk all over. I parked my car at the parking de la Môlle (4€ per day!) as known locally past place de la Gare right across literally from the Vieux Bassin . I had the extra job of getting my car up the hilly streets to pickup my father and then drop the car off in the evenings so he can easily move with us. Of course, you can even come by bus here with the bus vert , but never done it, I know is very popular, even with a nice bus terminal. And when not eating and drinking out we shopped at the E Leclerc supermarket just at the entrance to the city with the Total Access gas station very handy as well.



We passed by the fisherman selling their catch right on the quai de la Quarantaine! and just enjoy the Saturday morning market at place Sainte Catherine just around the wonderful church! lively vibrant packed and wearing masks!

Honfleur parking de la molle aug20


There is , also, a wonderful covered fish market L’Hippocampe very much follow by locals too. I prefer the boats anchoring along the quays and buying direct from them. If you rent an apartment or house like we do you can eat like a royal! And the place the Carre des Muses was very nice with a very active attentive owner that lives nearby.

Honfleur parking de la molle aug20



Honfleur parking de la molle aug20

I will be writing on this experience after exhausting my older posts and then you will see plenty on Honfleur and others famous towns of Normandy like Lisieux and Saint Lô as well as a shot of the beach of Trouville sur Mer! All a memorable stay once again base in unbeatable Honfleur. And the tone will be a lot happier promise. Hope you enjoy these posts and share the experiences of a lifetime with me.

The tourist office of Honfleur in English is here: tourist office of Honfleur

The city of Honfleur in French is here on heritage: city of Honfleur

OF course, I get all the news on email alerts from them weekly! Honfleur is special indeed. Enjoy the ride with me!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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